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Blog filter does not show active category and portfolio url does not appear the active category


I have a problem with the blog filter. The active category is not shown in red (this is the color chosen for active mode) which does happen with the portfolio's filter (see photo below).

Also, in the portfolio, when a category is active it does not appear in the URL as it does in the urls of the blog (see photo below).

How can I solve these problems? I want the blog to show the active category in red and also I want the portfolio to show the active category in the URL so that it can be used so the browser can go directly to an specific category in the portfolio (via a shared link or whatever).

This is the link of the web:

Thanks for the attention. Looking forward to your answer!



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  • Hi,

    I have just updated your theme to the newest version but none of my two problems has been solved.

    The main problem is the portfolio filter as my client wants to click on a product on home page and go to the portfolio to show that category and see that product instead of seeing "all" as it may happend that the product searched is at the end of the page and it is not shown at first unless you scroll down.

    Can you help us?

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  • Hello,

    I am still trying to find I way to click on a product on home page and go to the portfolio to see only products of the same specific category.

    I asked you before but it seems it is not possible. I am still trying to find a way as my client insist on this, and I have found a way but it gives me a problem:

    If I use a link with the category and it works:

    It shows only those products on this category, which is fine, but if a click on "Todos" it goes to a single portfolio of a product 

    Can you help me to solve this problem?

    Thank you 
  • edited September 2017

    I sent you an e-mail explaining the problem of this thread, as you asked me to, and I got and e-mail answer from your team saying that it "requires files customization" and that I should contact with a web developer because your  Item Support Policy says:

    Item support does not include services to modify or extend the item beyond the original features, style and functionality described on the item page. For customization"

    I am neither asking a modification nor an extention from the original features. I have this link:
    or its english version

    And when I click on "Todo" (or on "All") it does not show All products as it should do, instead it goes to a single portfolio. This is an error and I am reporting this issue. 

    This category-link is generated by your theme and it does not work. Can you explain better your answer?

    Best regards

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