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Removing demo data

How can I remove the demo content installed? I imported all but i thought it could be removed.


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  • Can you not include a button to remove content in the same place? 
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  • Can you also please advise how to remove the whole wordpress installation ? Thank you.
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  • This is crazy that there is not a one click option to delete a demo and it's contents within the WP framework!  For us to have to manually go and delete files on server AND go into database and delete is insane. Yes, this theme offers a lot of different scenarios, but there is no room for error in trying to figure out which demo to start with in your case.
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  • Yes, but it clears everything. Not just the demo content.
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  • Well, I agree with other users. Betheme should have an option (button) to allow us remove the demo data, because developers normally would like to test other demos to check which ones would better fit their needs.

    We hope that you guys make this option available in the near future.
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  • I have the same problem right now. I even have no idea how to clear it manually. Now I need to remove everything myself. All my previous work gone. That´s really frustrating :-(
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  • When I clear the hole WP content with plugin.
    Can I Install my paid Download BeTheme again? Or its still exhausted?
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  • Oh thats a very nice ****
  • edited March 2017
    DO NOT IMPORT DEMO content whatsoever if you already customize the theme. 

    I am having a problem that I already customize my site half way through but I imported the demo data just want to experience something. IT SIMPLY REPLACED EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE SO FAR.
    I didn't expect it replaced the thing that I am working on already.

    My solution? I will contact my hosting provide whether or not to roll back to the previous 24 hours prior the time I imported the demo. I hope this would save my day and probably yours.
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  • edited January 31
    Since this discussion is already a bit older I would like to ask for a short time
    how to delte a demo-theme completely in 2018. Sorry my english ist not so good.
    Tanks for an answer
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