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Questions and suggestions for blog grid, classic grid and masonary posts


I was wondering if there is a way to offset posts when using the blog grid / blog classic / masonry option? Most Wordpress themes offer this feature for bloggers who want to use the same style of grid across a page without having articles appear more than once. 

Also, the Blog Teaser looks great on a desktop but it is not responsive. I noticed images and text being cut off on mobile. Is there a way to fix this?

Also, any idea why my images are never the same size when I use the masonry option? None of it aligns and it doesn't look good. 

Finally, in the next update ... is there any way you can add more features when showcasing recent articles on the home page? I've used over 20 premium Wordpress themes on various site over the past few years. Be Theme is one of my favorites but this is an essential feature that is missing. 

Could we get something similar to what UNCODE uses? 

This style looks amazing on mobile devices. 

Thank you in advance. 



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  • Thanks for the response. 

    OFFSET - means that I can choose to skip a certain amount of recent posts. 

    On my homepage, I have seven recent articles listed and after a break with another seven recent articles below. I could not use the theme's builder to do this since it doesn't let me offset the posts so I had to use a plugin instead.

    My last question is somewhat important. 

    There are three different layouts for posts but for some reason, my comment section does not appear in two of these templates, including the default template. See examples below:

    On this post, the comments appear below:

    But the comments do NOT appear here ...

    and they do not appear here either 

    If I switch the theme, the comments are there but not with BeTheme. 

    This is a big problem for us. Could you please help me fix it?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Hey again. Please ignore the comment above. I figured out the problem. 

    I have two more quick questions.

    1- Is it possible to make the header image a min-height of 550px or 75% of the screen.

    2- Is it possible to make the "Hooks" only appear on posts and not the pages?

    and finally ...

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  • edited April 26
    Thanks so much. This theme is amazing. I'll be sure to tell recommend it to all future clients.

    The CSS code didn't work. The image size at the top does not bigger. It stays at 250px height. 

    Any idea why? 

    My other question ... 

    Is there a way to make the featured image of each post automatically be the header image of each article? Otherwise, I would have to go back and manually change all 3000 posts so please say yes!!!

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  • Hey guys. 

    I was hoping I could ask one more question.

    I created a Template and I want to know if there is a way to automatically have it appear on all posts without me having to add each time we publish a new article? 

    Thanks in advance.

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