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Domain migration - how to change Content Builder paths for images, etc?
  • If you build your website on localhost or maybe on other server and then you want to migrate everything, you need to read this topic! We`ll explain here how to change paths for images and other media inside Content Builder as it can`t be moved with XML file. We did tool especially for that.

    At first please open functions.php file inside theme folder and before and closing php tag which is at the end of file:


    please replace with the code from the following paste

    After that, you can go to your wp dashboard and in Tools section you will get new tool called: Mfn CB Migrate Tool. Just open it and there you can easily change paths for content builder items :)

    We hope this will be easy and clear for you guys!
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  • I tried with your above mentioned tool. It said "All done! Have fun." But I still got the problem, that images still linking to the old URL.

    I already changed all old URLs in the MySQL database. And inside the MySQL old URLs couldn't be found anymore.

    Any other ideas?

    Rgrds, D.
  • MG,
    can you take a look at the Product Downloads tab at

    I need those links to the pdfs to be changed (and I don't want to do it manually). Where is that content stored? In the post_content tables or what? I'm not having any luck with this script or doing a find/replace in the wp_posts table.

  • Can't you provide a script/update that script to decode the content?