Forum has been created to help all our customers in properly working our theme. We offer complete help with configuration theme and make default look, just like on our Rocco demo. We don`t offer theme customization.

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2. Read carefully the documentation included to package.
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4. You can post on forum only after registration (you need purchase code to register) .

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[Step by step] How to re-create demo page!
  • 1. Get XML file with whole dummy content and upload into theme.

    Before you can get this file for theme you need to get purchase code for item and your nickname from Themeforest (please remember xml downloader form is case sensitive and if your nickname is for example: NickName then exactly the same one must be pasted into Themeforest username field). Your purchase code should be also pasted/copied without any empty spaces or anything like that. So the best way to do that is copy purchase code from "Downloads" section from your Themeforest user panel and paste into simple text editor (ex. notepad) and then check and copy into XML downloader. If you're wondering where you can get purchase code, image below will explain you everything:


    For download the XML file with demo content please at first go to page

    In next step please select a product for which you need xml file (in this case please choose Rocco). Also please paste your themeforest username and purchase code. After that just click "Download" and your file should start downloading.

    However if you are not able to get XML file from our xml downloader, then you can send us pm with question about xml file for your theme, using contact form on our profile's page (right bottom section). After that we`ll send you file with dummy content ASAP (usually it takes less than 24 hours).

    When you got this file on your computer you can import it into your wordpress (please import this file only after installation rocco theme).

    2. First steps after xml upload

    If you want to get exactly the same site as our demo, after install and upload XML file please go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays and set up Home as Front page.

    Also please go to Appearance > Menus and set up Main Menu as Main Menu is first box "Theme locations".

    After these 2 easy steps you`ll get exactly the same site as our demo.

    3. How to set up footer section just like on demo?

    If you want to create footer just like on demo, please read these few easy steps below.

    At first please go to Appearance > Widgets and drag & drop "Text" widget into Footer area #1. Then please expand this widget and paste below code into second field (About us):

    <h6>We really love working for you and your customers</h6>
    <p>We are Muffin Group and we do awesome themes. We do what we love and this is the best in our life. Try a piece of our work and you will not want to swap for anything else!</p>
    <a href="#">Read more &rarr;</a>

    In second step please drag & drop "Muffin Recent Comments" widget into Footer area #2. Type "Recent comments" in "Title" area and type "2" for "Number of comments" field.

    For Footer area #3 please drag & drop "Muffin Quick Facts" widget. Below you have full list of text that we pasted for this section:

    Title - Quick facts


    [fact title="people work for us" icon="icon-user" value="12"]
    [fact title="drank gallons of coffee" icon="icon-coffee" value="52"]
    [fact title="thousand lines of code" icon="icon-align-left" value="74"]
    [fact title="years on Themeforest" icon="icon-calendar" value="03"]
    [fact title="hours outstanding support" icon="icon-time" value="24"]

    In the last step you must drag & drop "Recent Tweets" widget into Footer area #4 and there is some fields for Twitter, like keys and other. You can get them from your Twitter account.

    That`s it. After these 4 easy steps you will get exactly the same footer as on our demo page.


    If above explanation is not enough for you and something is still not clear, then please watch video below where we showed [step by step] how to re-create page just like demo!

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  • hello,
    i followed your instructions for creating the demo page. All looks well except the rev sliver in the front page. I take the follow error message ... Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias slider1 not found.
    can you help?
  • When I try to upload the xml file, I receive the following error:

    The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

    Any ideas?

  • Purchased/ downloaded yesterday (Jan 19).  First time working with WP in 4 or 5 yrs so little rusty but impressed with the theme.  However, I was not able to find the "slider1.txt" file alluded to in the doc.  I noticed several small differences from documentation to current version of WPress.   The differences have been easy to overcome thus far as I attempt to create the Demo.  However - finding the "slider1.txt" file is proving to be challenging. 

    Am I overlooking something??  I noticed most comments on this forum are couple months old so I may be late to the party on this theme.  Is it still being actively supported?  I hope somebody sees this timely as I am under time pressures.  THANKS!

  • Hello, 
    I just followed your tutorial and everything seems in order, EXCEPT for the font type, size, color and the background color of footer (which currently is blank).

    Can you please help me? Thanks!

  • Sorry let me clarify, 
    I also checked the appearances part, and all colors and fonts are well selected! (Open Sans and green color), but don't know why it's not showing on the website.

  • Hello,
    Thank you for your answer. I've checked the other forum but it's not very clear, I've created the .htaccess file according to MitchellOnline but it doesn't actually get's worse (whole layout is off).
    Can you please tell me how exactly should I ask for help with my hosting? I'm using OpenShift, should I ask them to open my .php extension files or what? I'm willing to ask for help but don't know what questions to ask. 
    Please help give me a direction so I know how and/or who to ask for help.

    Thanks. Sincerely,