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Logo fluid possibility
  • Hi,
    my logo is huge; resized to 220 px width is just too tiny. Any advice on responsive / fluid logo functionality... well, I would prefer fluid with min-width. I have read elsewhere about modifying the functions php file & which is not theme related but is wordpress knowledge. The reason I am asking here is because I don't find a functions php file specifically. I find theme-functions.php. I have an idea of a responsive workaround that will work (custom css overrides with no logo in the official logo area).

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  • hmmmmm, ok, well I do have a workaround in mind that should work. My logo is not too tiny, it is too big (huge means BIG). 220px version of my logo is perfect on smartphone. At 1920x1080 my 220px logo looks like a tiny smartphone logo planted up at the top left of the screen. Yes I can adjust CSS to place the tiny logo better, but it still is too small on a LARGE screen. I'd like fluid possibility, You have confirmed there is no fluid possibility that you currently know of or have plans to implement. I will figure it out. There is another way to achieve responsive functionality than 220 x 70 with media queries with multiple sized logos. As you say, there is no other way to do it as Almet as cms has been delivered, but tricking Almet to do what I desire will not be impossible.

    What about my other question related to the same issue? Is the almet theme-functions.php what you have renamed the functions.php file? I guess I will just have to investigate that myself. I will reply my findings to this thread for others once I create what I am after.

  • ok, muffingroup thanks for responding.

    so you have kind of answered my question regarding the functions.php file. Compared to other themes I have looked at, Almet has many different names for documents and files as compared to the majority of wordpress themes I have looked at. I realize muffingroup's special content builder shows some skills & appreciate the functionality.

    Multiple logos is my current workaround. It will work. I have not asked for you to add that functionality. I do not intend to ask for it in the future. I will inevitably discover a workaround that does exactly what I want, but obviously I'll not be discovering that via advice from muffingroup.

    If the logo for Almet theme has to be best only at 220px wide (any wider breaks layout), Almet sales text content should make that limitation absolutely clear. I will re-check the themeforest listing to see if I find that limitation stated anywhere. If not, i will add to my comment about the theme. If that limitation is set by wordpress; I accept it.

     Sounds like you are having a lot of difficulty with understanding my questions!? Don't fret about it, muffingroup, I have learned a lot from purchasing Almet Theme.

    Also, I have discovered the problem with (my) logging into this forum. When I click on the muffingroup response "post"s "sign in" link, the db does not find my registration details. I can only log in to the Almet discussion board from the header "sign in" link.

  • Hi muffingroup,
    thanks, the forum sign link from muffingroup response forum post now working. No need to be sorry that. Hopefully it is a good thing for the forum that i pointed it out so you could fix it;)

    About functions.php naming of files. I understand; Theme devs have many different ways of coding & naming & linking files & wordpress has restrictions.  Do you mean "It is not possible to have the same names..."?Don't worry about it, I will use a workaround. The author of Responsive theme had given a way to adjust logo width by modifying functions.php. Clearly this is related to that Responsive theme & not Almet. Responsive author said it was a wordpress condition that wordpress had imposed. I'll share the link if you want...I read this forum thread about Wordpress Custom Header
    which lead me to

    I realize Themes are dev'd differently & do not expect this sort of explanation of modifying Almet php. I will use css workaround to use my logo with Almet at this time. I also thought other Almet forum users might have a solution, but none so far, so I will crack on with my plan to use 3 different logo sizes of my logo for different media queries.

    I would have preferred to have known that the max-width for logo in Almet theme is 220px BEFORE I bought Almet theme. I do think you should disclose this information on your Almet themeforest listing. I will find an alternative workaround as I have said. The muffingroup content builder is incredibly helpful for site builders to populate a site quickly & MG Content Builder is the main reason I bought Almet Theme.

    Thanks again for answering my questions as much as possible, I do appreciate that. I am not trying to be difficult on this board or at themeforest board. I am simply sharing my experience as I would expect to read other customer's experience for any other product.
  • Hi, muffingroup. I haven't actually sorted it out, yet. I am very close to making my workaround do what I want. I'll share here when I get it working fully. I am, so far, unable to find the selector for moving the menu up toward (or down from) the top of the browser viewport. Knowing that selector would be helpful for me. Right now it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. #Header #menu is not doing it for me. I could move the logo down to close the gap between logo & menu, yet I would prefer to keep as much screen real estate as possible. I only have this issue at one resolution: "media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px)". All other resolutions I am getting what I desire. I do understand that this condition likely will only be seen when resizing browser window/viewport on computer screens. I haven't checked an actual ipad yet; I will access to ipad this weekend.

    Really, the best solution would be for the theme to support all the resolutions for a longer logo. I do realize that this is not the Almet design. Almet design is based on a narrow & tall logo of about 5 or 6 letters at 220px x 70px. If Almet/MG provided the functionality to add a different size logo for all 5 resolutions, that would be awesome! If that were the case, someone like me with a wide logo could use an html img rather than a "not good web practice" workaround that I am using with css backrounds behind a blank logo img.

    btw: I have abandoned the fluid logo idea & am using multiple widths that change when viewport is resized to different widths.

    Thanks, again, muffingroup, for keeping the conversation going. I really appreciate it.

  • OK, muffingroup. I keep tinkering. Seriously, though, you have zero advice on the css selector to move the menu? OK, I'll find the answer myself!
  • wow! no wonder you hide your messages from the public! I will do my best. I don't know if I can make almet work for me. I wouldn't say this type of answer is "support". Thanks anyway. There is no need to be so mean to customers!! as you know, I did pay!
  • Dude, this is clearly a language barrier situation. You say you aren't being mean, but your foot is always in your mouth! Look, I may not the best web developer in the world, but you telling me to go get another job is exactly "MEAN"! Learn some manners! I am not interested in fighting with you anymore. I have never asked you to "build my site". I am doing fine with that. Obviously you do not want to give the exact selectors to move the menu up and down. I haven't yet found the container, maybe I never will. Maybe Almet is not built that way. Clearly I am one too many customers for you. All you want to hear is that your product is great. I am sorry I am not saying that, you have provided a lot of documentation, it is just is not very well written. I don't care if you agree with me or not. My first language is english & obviously yours is not. As far as customer support, I do not feel muffingroup is doing a good job.
  • OK, I figured it out. I have all my different logo widths working about how I want.
    I am not asking mg for help, here, just posting my experience. Maybe it helps someone else with a long logo that doesn't look nice at 220px.

    The answer that mg could have provided is: "if you want to move the menu, yes, ctreitzell, #Header #menu{} is the correct selector to move menu. Applied to the correct media query will move the menu as you like." An answer like that I would have considered "support".

    Why move menu? because at @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px), if your logo shrinks to ipad portrait width, the menu doesn't move. That's ok, you can fix with custom CSS.

    Almet supports one non-resizing logo size. Personally I wanted the entire header more responsive than standard Almet. I'll post a link to the site once my site goes public so people can see what I am talking about.
  • Thanks MG. I thought it might be be quicker to ask here on the support forum for customization tips. I figured it all out, myself, as you suggested. I do have some other questions about other things I will post in other threads. Me pointing out things that I think other theme hunters should know is normal practice for human beings selling items on listings sites like themeforest. You should expect it. 

    I incorrectly assessed Almet. Almet is designed for one logo size only. There is no mention of this in your themeforest listing. Customers searching for themes need to have their eyes wide open, thinking of everything that may or may not work when searching for themes. You only talk about how incredible Almet is. You tell people they "can do anything they want" with Almet in the themeforest comments area. This is true, but be prepared to get your head under the hood!  I am not trying to be mean, just offer full disclosure. You are not doing that with your listing.

    The content builder is great, as I have said before. Content Builder has saved me loads of time. As far as my logo implementation into the Almet theme, I have succeeded, but not in an accepted web practice. Instead I had to use CSS background images. I do think that Almet is designed short-sighted of the FACT that many, many people have long logos that will look terrible/tiny at 220px wide on any screen 1000px wide or more. That's clearly my opinion as no one else is asking for multiple logo sizes. Just the ability to add html to the logo img input field would have sorted that issue out.

    The only thing I am "unhappy" about has been the "documentation" & the support. Adding further personal issues like complaining about how little time you have, is frankly, unprofessional. Telling me to get another job is also unacceptable. We aren't chatting on a public forum; you have said this is the place for support. Maybe I have helped someone with all my time put into keeping these conversations going.

    Like I keep saying, I am a paying customer.
  • Hi,
    I have been saying that I would share my site solution here. Here it is
    I still have plenty to do, but you can see the multiple logos when stretching the browser viewport or flipping mobile device widths.

  • Thanks, MG. I should point out that on your "for answer sign in" link when people are not signed in to the discussion forum that it says "for answear sign in". I am guessing that is a typo. 

    Just trying to be helpful.
  • Uh, wow, thanks MG for

    I did not expect that!

    sorry for being a pita customer. Almet has definitely taught me an awful lot.

  • Thanks, MG, we are clean livin! No ads, limited colors, we are a branding agency, after all...our colour scheme is a bit 1997, tho