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Image border
  • Hi MuffinGroup !

    I would like to know how to obtain an image (inserted from the Content Builder) without border ? I looked for the modifications to make in the CSS folder but i didn't find the good line of code wich relates to the border of the images.

    Could you help me please ?

    Thanx !!

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  • My site is under construction :/

    In fact I would like that there is no border with the images wich i insert in the wordpress page, from the Content Builder.
    These are also the images wich the color of the border depends on the Appearance (Wordpress) > Theme Options - Almet > Colors > Content > Images border > #[...] too.

    I hope you will understand what i mean.

    (Excuse me for my english if it's wrong, i'm french..)

  • It doesn't work :/

    Maybe i can modificate the code directly into CSS folder if you say to me where is the good line of code ?

  • I'm sorry i don't understand the details you want me to give.

    I work on Wordpress, on a local server (Wamp) so i have to give you my username and password for Wordpress, ok, but for "details" ? Is it the http://localhost/wordpress.... adress that you want ? or something else ?

    I'm novice in working with servers, local administration, etc.

  • It's ok i found it !

    I took below code in the folder "wp-content > themes > almet > css > skins > green > style.css" and put it in CSS Custom section with the modification that i needed :)

    /* Image background */
     .post .image, .article_box .thumbnail, .wp-caption .photo, .wp-caption > img, .wp-caption > a > img, .gallery .gallery-item .gallery-icon,
     .portfolio_item .photo, .single-portfolio .photo {
      background: transparent;

    Now i have all my pictures with transparent background, without any border taking all the transparent space.


  • Thank you anyway for taking the time that you did to give me answers :)