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Widget submenu
  • Hi MuffinGroup !

    I need your help..

    I would like to have submenu in the ‘sidebar menu’ but don’t know how to make it works

    1. I create a menu with sub-menu in the
      admin menu area
    2. I choose “customizable menu” widget
      in the admin widget area (the Muffin Menu is not suitable for the navigation
      that I want, because of the children/siblings option)
    3. I select my menu (I created the corresponding
      sidebar before, that I select into my page > content builder > layout
      > left sidebar > sidebar > name of my menu)
    4. The sidebar appears into my page
      with my menu
    5. I create a .widget ul.sub-menu { padding: 5px 20px 5px 10px;} into the
      Layout.css page to figure the arborescence of my menu, and it works well
    6. Now my problem is : when I select
      the parent link of the entire menu, or the parent link of the submenu, all
      links appear with color chosen into
      Option–Almet > Colors > Content > Link color
    7. When I select a child item from my menu (except the one wich has a submenu)
      or a
      child item from my submenu, it works well, my active link is colored and others are not.

    I tried many things to overcome this problem….with
    no success !

    Please help me!

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  • I forgot something...
    For sure it is the same problem for the "link border"
  • My problem is explained on 6/ and 7/ points. I would like to have ONLY my selected item colored in my menu and submenu, but when it's about the parent link of the entire menu or of the submenu, it doesn't work.

    I share screenshot with you because my website is on my localhost for the moment...

    Thank you !
  • I know, your Widget menu has only one level, but i wrote you above

    . "I create a menu with sub-menu in the (wordpress) admin menu area" on point 1. (and the corresponding sidebar into the Almet theme settings area)
    . "I create a .widget ul.sub-menu { padding: 5px 20px 5px 10px;} into the Layout.css page (Almet theme) to figure the arborescence of my menu" (using the widget menu of your theme) "and it works well" on point 5.

    So, it's not your 'default widget menu', i would like to 'improve' it, to have 3 levels...maybe i've done it wrong but it's the result that i would like to have, except the problem with the color, as explained in my first message.. I'm sorry if i didn't make that clear (hope it's better now) and maybe you will not help me because it means to improve a ccs file, or even more complicated.

    Your theme is really great but it's too bad not to have a widget menu with at least 2 levels..  :-( 
    Maybe it could be useful to others too.

    Thank you in advance.
  • Ok, but it's the same problem with just 2 levels... When the parent item menu is selected, all items of the second level are colored. 
  • Sorry, it's ok, maybe because of what i manipulated in the layout.css file it didn't work, i undid what i've done and now it works. 
  • Anyway, thank you for your answers ! :) But i stand by what i said, it's a shame not to have 3 levels :((
    Have a great day !