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almet questions
  • Hello muffingroup,
    Thanks for the great theme. Content builder is very easy and useful tool for us. Information is good. But, I have a lot of question for you
    Best Regards, Burak
    1- When I try to set a page as a blog, I couldn’t hide page (and post) title and breadcrumbs. I did Show header (also show categories for posts) button turn off but it is not working.
    2- I would like to use Featured text as vertical align on sidebar. What is the short code to show on sidebar. I mean how can i show featured texts without content builder
    3 – on your demo site, you used icons on footer as 64×64px. I couldnt find icons on the downloaded files. You indicated a links to reach icons but there are just 16×16 and 24×24. so I want 64×64 icons.
    4- What is the Almet logo font name? You didnt add psd file for logo.
    5- Is there any possibility to extend slider as full width?
    6- How can I fixed testimonials heigth px for each testimonials category? Always change slides tabs position because of depend the contained number of words in a testimonial

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  • you reply me on themeforest;

    At first thanks a lot for great words. Nice to hear that you like our Content Builder.

    1. Sorry for that. This is our mistake. It will be fixed ASAP. We will let you know when we fix this.

    2. It is not possible. Featured text is built on h2 and h3 headings. So you can use just text widget with these headings.

    3. You can find icons on Just select 64px and type right word. Accordance with the Themeforest rules we are not able to add icons into package. So you need to find them yourself.

    4. Font used for logo is Titillium Web.

    5. It is not possible. Maximum width is 940px as on our demo page

    6. You can paste below code into Custom CSS:

    .rslides { height: 200px; }

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  • Again, microphone back to me, I am going to reply you;

    1- I am waiting
    2- Sorry my mistake, I mean Featured BOX. Please answer again for Featured BOX
    3- OK
    4- OK
    5- OK
    6- OK but, this code effect all testimonials category. I would like to specialize for each category. How can I do that?

    Thank you for support
  • There are two meaning of feature box. You should seperate these. I was confused before your answer.

    Maybe this can be bug; If you show timer line on slider, opened menu closed when timer line slice opened menu

    I got your answer about hiding, Thnx

    .blog #Subheader { display:none;}

    .single-post #Subheader { display:none;}

  • my client site is under construction. I found this bug when I try to use demo.

    I will explain problem you;
    - Please set slider for timer show funtion and add at least 2 slide and pictures
    - slider timer line will run left to right on top of slider as gray color
    - When Mouse cursor on Header Menu, Sub menu will open
    - If you move your cursor on menu items that will close when timer line and opened menu overlap

    solution :
    - you must hide slider timer line on slider settings

    tested on chrome browser
  • You just execute above insctruction list. There is no liveview. I just inform you. This is not big problem.
  • Hi again. 
    I'm trying to create a Blog page similar to the one on your demo.
    I've tryed almost everything, but i cannot get the picture, set as thumbnail in Suspendisse a pellentesque dui, non felis molestie erat ac posts, to show on page.
    Please help.

    Happy new year :-)
  • i'm a bit confused here. i'm new at this so....
    In your blog the picture is on the left side and the text is on the right. 
    You're saying that i should set the picture up on the right ???
    Is there a step by step guide to this, because i have no clue what to do :-)

  • Thanks. i've sent you a email yesterday. Please check :-)