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Is there a way in Betheme to have Portfolio Items utilize the Portfolio Category URL's?

Hi Betheme,

I'm currently building a photography site using Betheme. The photographer primarily does weddings (speaking of wedding photography, you all should do a pre-built site or TWO for wedding photographers), but also does some other photography.

I'll start off with background and information, and at the end is my question...

As such, the primary portfolios will be "wedding" related, but there will be some others. This is what I've done so far:
- Created a page (that uses the template type of "portfolio") for "weddings"
- Created a page (that uses the template type of "portfolio") for "other"
- Created a portfolio category of "weddings", which has a URL of:   /weddings
- Created a portfolio category of "other", which has a URL of:   /other
- Created six individual portfolios: four of them are weddings (Bob and Jan, Larry and Anna, etc.), one of them is for Magazine Covers, and one is for Architectural Photography.
- The four wedding portfolios are assigned to the "weddings" category 
- The Magazine Cover portfolio is assigned to the "other" category
- The Architectural portfolio is assigned to the "other" category

Here's what I was hoping would happen. I was hoping the URL's for each portfolio would utilize the portfolio category URL. For example:

However, instead of "/weddings" and "/other", the portfolio URL's are:

In BeTheme->Options->Portfolio, there are two options:
Permalink | Single Project slug
Permalink | Category slug

When I put something into the first input, the "portfolio-items" URL for each portfolio changes to whatever I input. Which is great if I was only creating wedding galleries - I would just set that to "weddings". However, doing that then gives me these URL's for my "other" galleries:

I tried removing the content from both of those inputs in Betheme Options, hoping that the system would use the URL's I specified when creating the categories - but, obviously, it doesn't.

Now, the question! Is there a way to get Wordpress+Betheme to utilize the category URL's that I specified when creating the category URL's?



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