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Can't install the Pre-built Theme 'Garden3'

I tried to install the Garden 3 theme several times.
First time I installed it, it was just a white screen.
Second time I used the Database Reset and then installed it - still a white screen.
The third time I installed it there was this written:

Medien “home_garden3_pic5” already exists.
Medien “home_garden3_pic6” already exists.
Medien “home_garden3_pic7” already exists.
Medien “home_garden3_pic8” already exists.

How can I fix this problem? It's very urgent for a customer!

Thank you


  • I tried to install another theme and it's still not working
  • edited August 2018
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  • I tried it and it still doesn't works.
    It's only a white screen, where there is written this notification:

    What's new in Duplicate Post version 3.2.2:
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    Check out the documentation — Bitte prüfe die Einstellungen um sicherzustellen, dass es wie erwartet funktioniert.
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  • So now I also reinstalled Wordpress from beginning and then BeTheme and it's still not working.
    So I guess there must be something wrong with the link I received on themeforest to download.
    Hope you can fix this for me. It's really urgent!
    Thank you!
  • It's now the third time that I buy the Theme for a client and i was always happy with it and it worked very well. So this is the first time it's not working. 
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  • Hi,
    thank you! As I set up this wordpress site offline (i did this also for other clients with betheme and it worked) I wanted to do this again with 'MAMP'.
    So how can I send you a link if I work offline? Where can I create this?
  • I sent you a message via your contact
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  • Hey,
    I'm sorry too, but my client already has a website that i can't take offline to design a new one.
    So I HAVE to create it offline with Mamp.
    And as I can't install any of the pre-built themes i expect some help with this!
    I installed now again the newest version of Mamp, Wordpress and then the Betheme.
    But the Pre built Theme is not working.
    So help me fix this problem!
  • If not, i would like to get my money back!
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  • Okay, thanks a lot! I will try with Xampp.
  • Feedback:
    I installed it now on another Host and it works perfectly, like you said.

    Thank you!!
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