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Please devs, need some help on few basic things for the website I'm working on.

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Hi there,
I'm posting here because I'm working on a website, but i'm just a graphic designer and I'm very noobish in coding, so I'd like to get some help for few basic things if you can do that for me... I bought the BeTheme and I really like it. Thanks for any of you that's willing to help me. I'll feed this thread with everything I need to do, trying to be as much clear as I can... So here we go :

1/ First thing I had trouble with, is I'd like to change the "Work" section at top of this website. I could have change every word except this one and I really don't know why, because they're all in the "Page" section except this one.. Works is not there, instead there is "What we're done" and when I change it, it doesn't fix my problem.

2/ On this same screenshot, you can see a picture with chairs in an office that was delivered with the theme... I can't change it, it's not inside the "Page>Contact" pattern, and I don't find where it is. Could you give me the path to it please?

3/ Same thing's happening here... I really don't understand :

4/ I'd like to change the footer text and the logo. The footer is appearing on everypage, so I guess it's something different that is somewhere else. Could you give me the way to do it please?

5/ How do I change the colors of the squares in background of the Home page of this theme please ? Where is it in the Wordpress menu ?

I'm sorry I can't post any direct link to the website because it's on "Coming soon mode" and I can't switch it on.

Thanks for all.


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  • Hello Pablo,
    Thanks a lot for the answers, I managed to do all the modifications you gave me !!

    I'm working on the other page so I might come back to you quite often for small modifications like that if you allow me.. Thanks a lot !!

    Good afternoon
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    Hello Pablo !
    I'm coming back to you to ask you something more specific.


    So, on this page (Initially called "Works" on your theme), basically, each picture is clicable in order to see more pictures about that project, right?

    So my request is : I'd like to make all those pictures you see on the screenshot, redirecting to the SAME EXACT project that I have already done, whatever the picture I'm clicking on. Do you understand? I want that all those pictures, brings to the same exact project that is done at this link :

    but I think you can't see it since it's under construction. But maybe you need that to give me a code line or something...

    The reason I want that is the company i'm working for is new and there is not enough project done to feed that page, So we want to keep the way this page is constructed for further project, that I'll put on this page over time. SO we don't want to modify the skull of that page, we really enjoy it, but we need a way to bypass the fact we have not enough project to put on that page to keep it attractive. This is the way we found.

    2 / On the exact same page, how to change the color of this background ? I can't find it since this page isn't made in the page section but it's a patchwerk of Portfolio's items... Thanks

    I hope you can help us.

    Thanks a lot for the support Pablo,

    Kindly, SB
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  • Thanks Pablo,
    New question. I have this little glitch appearing in the Home page. Do you know where I can fix that ? I tried to modify the padding into this section but it doesn't change anything.

    Thanks a lot. I'll ask to my boss if I can activate the website so you can investigate and help more...
    Btw, le Header background color was not that.. But I managed to work around that problem.. But I'd still like to know for further work !

    Good night !

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  • 1/ "Unfortunately, we do not have such functionality to redirect all images into that portfolio item.
    It's created by default to be one image = one project.

    To achieve that, you would have to use some jQuery script which will replace all URLs on your images - unfortunately, we do not provide custom js scripts."

    So second option, do you know how to DESACTIVATE the projects linked to each pictures except the first one ? It should be easier to do no?

    2/ I'd like to set the website online but I don't know how to do it. Can you help me ?
    I've made all the modifications through the wp-admin page, and I see the "Coming soon mode" activated, but I don't know how to remove it and activate the website for real. Is there any link with ftp, using Filezilla and wampserver stuff ?
    Like, I only worked on that wp-admin page and uploaded all my files into the media folder of that page, nowhere else...

    Thanks a lot
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    Here you go..

    1/ Alright.. Do you have any proposition to make then? We have only one project to show... You can see it in the page "Projets"

    2/ I'd like to increase the size of our logo in the header orange bar that appears when you scroll down. How to do that please ?

    Thanks a lot
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  • Alright, thanks a lot. I might come back to you later then

    I still have this problem tho, if you do know how to fix it.. :

    "New question. I have this little glitch appearing in the Home page. Do you know where I can fix that ? I tried to modify the padding into this section but it doesn't change anything."
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  • edited March 26
    Hello Bryan, thanks a lot !! Great work :)

    I have new questions please !!

    1/ At this page :
    When you scroll down to the six coloured squares, how could I fix these white lines on the edge of the purple and blue squares please ? No problem on the others but those two are doing this weird thing.

    Where can I change the first 3 pictures that changes on time on the menu please (The 9 circles, PSD Mock up, and the blue BLURB picture) ??

    Thank you very much :)
  • I can help to answer Q.2 if you don't mind.
    Betheme use a free version plugin call Revolution Slider,
    and it's a free version bundler with Betheme.

    Just go to Dashboard/Slider Revolution/Slider Revolution,
    and you will see the homepage slider, just edit and change to the image that you want.
    Hope this help.
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  • edited March 28
    Thank you very much lulugoh and Pablo. The custom code was already written there, I didn't add that border but good thing is that was easy to fix then ! :)

    1/ Next question is about the logo inside the orange top bar, when you scroll down it appears with sections (Accueil, Projets, YWR, Contact, Services) at this url :

    I'd like to increase the size of the left logo (circle with YES WE ROCK in it)

    Can you tell me how ? Whatever the size of the picture i'm uploading, it's restricted to this size, but we think it's too small and we can't read properly. We maybe want it like the one on the Home page..

    2/ How to remove these 4 squares with direct link to the creative studios website in the bottom right please? I didnt see in the Slider Revolution... Maybe I didnt search at the right place...

    Thanks a lot. I think we're close to the end !! I might have few other questions later but I'm almost done with it !! Thanks again :)
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  • Ok both 1/ and 2/ are done. Thanks a lot, I didnt see the static layer at first look...

    Okay we're good for now. I'll continue this project by myself and I'll try not to ask you that many question next time. Thanks a lot for your help tho, I really appreciate it since I'm a begginer and you didnt let me down.

    I'll definitly recommand your services close to me.

    See you later :)
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