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Parallax working only in the first column - Portfolio post grid random functionality doesn't work


I'm building a website adding some parallax effects to several columns.
My problem is that parallax works only in the first one. 
it starts to work also on the other elements when I manually resize the browser window.

I'm using Betheme in combo with Wpbackery ( as I did many many times with no problem), I contacted them to solve this problem because I triggered this behaviour using their column functionality into the column setting, but they said there is something wrong on your side.

Another problem I'm having is the random functionality into the post grid element for the portfolio items.
It just doesn't work, showing me always the same projects and also the same where I'm in.

(bottom part of the page, just before the footer)

I already tried to deactivate all the plug-ins I was able to turn off, nothing happened.

than you in advance for your support.


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  • I'm having this problem on all browser (all up to date) 
    To see the issue, please don't resize your browser window the first time you load the website.
    You can see that the first picture just below the fold, the soda glass, is correctly moving, but the hamburger below and the image, now only a place holder, before the footer is stuck.

    Random functionality in the post grid element at the bottom of the over mentioned link it just doesn't work on any browser.

    The weird thing is that here

    The same element with the same random order perfectly works, showing, on every page refresh, different content.

    Checking the code I can't see any particular issue.

    thank you
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  • thank you for the JS snippet but it doesn't work on any browser.

    about the html code I'm going to check but I didn't write it and sincerly I don't know how to modify it.
    I automatically generated, I believe, by WPbakery
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  • so if you say so, you already found the plug-in that creates the conflict? can you be more precise?
    I can't deactivate all the plug-ins because some of them are deeply merged with the website architecture.

    how can I proceed to solve this problem?
  • edited September 17
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  • ok. I've just discovered is not a plug-in related problem per se (at least not only that).
    In the home page, the gallery above the falling hamburger was blocking the parallax for the underneath elements.

    Originally the gallery was made with Modula plug-in, but it creates the same issue with your element 'image carousel'.

    Now, I've created a gallery with the element 'image gallery' and the parallax correctly works.

    still looking for which plug-in block the random order in the 'post grid' element. I'll Keep you posted for future users that maybe will face the same issues.
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  • yes, because I disable the plug-in 'Post Types Order' that creates the conflict with the random functionality.

    I contacted them but basically they told me to contact you.. 

    Now I have to find a solution that easily gives me the possibility to change the order to my portfolio items without effecting the random order function in the post grid element.

    any suggestion?
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