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Woocommerce customiser


I red here on forums to resize image on single product page should be done using customiser, hmm. but when I go to customiser there is nothing to input image size only crop option?



  • Hello,

    One of the latest updates removed the option to change the image size from the customizer.

    The image size depends on the single product style you choose in the Theme Options now.


  • Hey Phil, ok thx but if you don't have tabs or thumbnails , whatever you choose of syle image is always same I mean just too big hmm


  • You can try to reduce the size of the image with custom CSS.

    Custom CSS code you write can be placed in the Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS.


  • Thx Phill, would you have couple of lines of css for me if I am not asking too much?


  • Try the following code:

    .single-product .product_image_wrapper .woocommerce-product-gallery__image,
    .single-product .product_image_wrapper .woocommerce-product-gallery__image img{
       height: 400px!important;
       width: auto!important;


  • Hey Phil, worked like charme only thing is a bit too much white space between image and product info , would you be so nice if possible to center somehow image and product or maybe image with some padding or margin left right to bring closer to product info?


  • I have checked your website, and it seems that you handle it.

    Am I right, or do you still need help with anything else?

    Best regards

  • Hey Phil, yes sorry was a bit oof from yesterday, yes I handled I believe with css , so far so good .

    Thank you again


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