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Albert [Support Team]


Albert [Support Team]
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  • elibrarian
    Oh, oh, just found this:
    Gallery Shortcode | DisableDisable Theme Gallery Shortcode
    Turn it on if you want to use external gallery plugin or Jetpack

    Working now!
    May 2017
  • elibrarian
    Hi Muffingroup,

    My elibrarian account still says expired but a few weeks ago I repurchased Be Theme to use on a new site. While I can login here, I don't think I can create a new discussion because my role has "expired." How does this get updated?

    I came here not because of that but because I can't link my gallery image thumbnails to their respective articles. I know the WP gallery just links to the image, so I installed a popular plugin WP Gallery Custom Links. I still could not get it to work--still just takes me to the photo. Is there something else I should be using in Be theme if I want a "grid" of thumbnails to link to their respective articles?

    Maybe there is something else other than an image gallery, but I do not know what to call it.

    Thank you. Emily

    May 2017
  • lee1969123

    Could you please help me with my question on the following forum.
    October 2014
  • Sam23
    in reference to the two following posts: 
    Here are the account info to log in:
    user: muffin / pw: theme support
    Thanks in advance

    October 2014
  • fabv
    Hi, this keeps appearing at the top of my page in the admin area

    Strict Standards: Declaration of TGM_Bulk_Installer_Skin::before() should be compatible with Bulk_Upgrader_Skin::before($title = '')

    Strict Standards: Declaration of TGM_Bulk_Installer_Skin::after() should be compatible with Bulk_Upgrader_Skin::after($title = '')

    How do I resovle this?
    September 2014
  • bama1570
    New to the forum and theme. Can you tell me how I can change the color of the font on the Under Construction page see I want to change all font to white.  Thanks
    September 2014
  • angelgarciainfantes

    I m new in the forum and with the theme!!! ufff

    How I can hide the buy basket??? I dont use de ecommerce funtion now, but i will use it in the future.

    How i use de forum in private only with the admins??

    I´ll do more sure

    August 2014
  • foranangel
  • Gideontail
    Hi Muffingroup, one week ago I bought the "Betheme", but it don´t work. If I go into my Wordpress account of the site And go to upload new theme. I click on the theme I downloaded, the Zipfile of themeforest. But several times I tried and it don´t react after uploading.
    Hopefully you know how to help me? Can send eventually printscreens to make it more concrete.

    July 2014
  • jensende

    I bought the BeTheme and I cant get it to be like the purple demo (landingpage). Please help!

    my url

    Your username: muffin
    Password: muffin123

    Thank you in advance
    July 2014
  • System
    Ping! An activity post is a public way to talk at someone. When you update your status here, it posts it on your activity feed.
    May 2014