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  • is it ok too take a backup with UpdraftPlus instead of Duplicator?
  • What does it mean: Please remember to delete all theme files before deregistration?? How do I do that?It comes up when I press on Deregister
  • When I am among my licenses in and klick on the domain I get: Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource.----------Should I insted directly klick on Deregister? What happens then, where do i reg…
  • ok no I se you answerd dloeffen82. but please read my fears above so I can try to solve this!
  • What do you mean? It has been registered for months. Please read what my problem is above so I can fix this. Please!
  • That's exactly what I'm afraid of something to happen after I do this when it's on a customer's web that is live. Can you guarantee that just unregistering and registering again will work?
  • I could not update the bundled plugins eather? It was the same error: The package could not be installed. The package contains no files.
  • Is it bacause while I was buliding the paige it was on an aliasdomain and now when the web is ready, I have taken away utveckling1 from the domain, now it is only Can you  please help me with this.How will I get around t…
  • Please help me with this!Why can't I update? This is very time consuming!
  • Hi again!I was trying to update Betheme on another website and it didn't work on that one either. It says: An error occurred while updating Betheme: The package could not be installed. The package contains no files. What is it that is wrong!!! Why …
  • ok that's what it depends on. I had help from another company and they did some things locally and probably got a copy of the license key in the process. But I'll ask them to remove it. Thanks so much, but if you can answer the question above as…
    in Update failed Comment by MOLAGER April 9
  • Hello again!I have another problem and it is on a BLOGpage where I have all CATEGORIES i the top. When you click on GÄVLE, for example, the objects are not loaded. You have to click on load more first. This is also the case at SANDVIKEN. The address…
    in Update failed Comment by MOLAGER April 9
  • Hi! In swedish it says: ”An error occurred while updating Betheme: The package could not be installed. The package contains no files.” How do I uppload at screenshot?
    in Update failed Comment by MOLAGER April 8
  • Im sorry I do not understand? I do not use any images that I can se from BeStone..? I do not understand how the works? What should I do there?
    in SSL Comment by MOLAGER November 2019
  • Hi, no it did not work. They still lookes like they are broken? And what size on the images should it be for a Portfolio slider. Now some of them does not show, it is just white, but if you cklick on the portfolioslider so they get big and you can…
    in Portfolio Comment by MOLAGER April 2019
  • Thank you =)
  • In the top there is 4 small text boxes saying:    Fringilla   Quisque   Gravida   Congue How do you change the font on those?
  • Hi! But as I told you I have already installed the Complete pre built website Company3 so the link you gave me does not help me in this stage. And the second link you gave me does not help me eath…
  • Hi! Are there anyone who can answer my question above? I would be very grateful. Have a nice dayOdette
  • Hi! The website is How do i insert och skreenshot? Thank you
  • I would be very grateful if you can answer me regarding this above. Thank youOdette
  • Hi again! Is it easier to change, in Wordpress, into a completely different theme, throw away the old Betheme I have installed in Wordpress and then upload the correct one and then change to the correct registration number? Or should I get "the d…
  • Hello! I have bought so many bethemes and have difficulty separating them. Once you have downloaded them, were in the folder / download, can I see the license number / purchase code? I need to know this so I do not upload the wrong theme again. Than…
  • Is there something you can help with and is it included in the support? If not, how much would it cost to get that help? I am so afraid that something is breaking the web in this process. Thanks
  • I would be very grateful if you can answer the question above as soon as possible. Thanks!
  • It is version 17.3, how do I shange in that version?
  • The Betheme that I built the web in is an old betheme and does not look like screnshot that you sent.
  • Yes i tryed that at first but when I try to upload it in wordpress, it says that the destination folder already exists ? How do I get past that? I would be very grateful if you can answer the question above as soon as possible. Thanks!
  • Please, I do not understand how I get the correct registration to the web I've done. Is there an explanation somewhere I can read and see how to do? There must be several that have been built on the wrong registration number? Is it not just possible…
  • I would be very grateful if you can answer the question above as soon as possible. Thanks!
  • Hi I don't understand. I have designed a web in a Betheme I had before, I had too little knowledge, so it was done incorrectly and on the wrong registration number. which I now want to assign the right registration number that the theme has as I bo…
  • It started when I installed SSL certificat and Jetpak. Do you know if Betheme have any problems with the plugin Jetpak and in combination with SSL certificat?
    in Delay Comment by MOLAGER October 2017
  • Hello! I have talked with the host and it has nothing to do with the hosting. It started when I installed SSL certificat and Jetpak. Do Betheme have any problems with that?
    in Delay Comment by MOLAGER October 2017
  • yes I've moved it. The old was where I developed and tested it
  • Hi! It takes some time for the text to load, such as the menu, and so it has not been before and especially on the computer, not on the phone. And I've tried different places and it's the same delay. Could it have anything to do with the SSL cert…
    in Delay Comment by MOLAGER October 2017
  • Hi! Now I have send it to you. Can you se what the problem is? Thank's
  • Hi! How do I add multiple images in a Portfolio item, for example 4 pictures, so that when I click on the selected image i a portfolio (to enlarge it) then I want to click trought the 4 pictures with an arrow so i can se all 4 enlaged? now I only…
  • How does that work? Where do i find that shortcoad? Thanks
  • Hi! The shortcoad for ”read more” expand does not work? What am i doing wrong...?
  • Tanks! How soon will it be possible?
  • Hi! Fore some reason does not “new line“ worke? In my slider i have written: Strategisk design och kommunikation And it comes out: Strategisk designoch kommunikation What can be wrong? Thanks
  • yes thank you but how do I attache the image to this email?
  • Thanks! Another thing, I cant get the map to work? I want to use a regular style on tha map. I have used the  demothem Media. On the webbpaige it says: Oops, an error occourred. Google maps was not loaded correctly. See JavaScript console for tech…
  • How can I send you a screndump to you to show you? There is not possible to attache a file to this commentspace?
  • file:///Users/Odette/Desktop/Ska%CC%88rmavbild%202016-10-11%20kl.%2009.48.51.png
  • Thanks! But when I imported Safari I got a strange space above the logo and the menu in the topp? Se on How can I get rid of that? Thanks
  • But maby I can do how it works on the DEMO Safara ? Is that done with sliders? Is it parallax?
  • I mean on mobile and iPad.
  • Hello again! I have solved ”And I can't take away the padding on the sides on Mobile.” But still: I have tryed to change the stiky header logo at: BeThemes optinos/Genereral/Logo (se screenshot)…