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  • Thanks
    in side bars Comment by judy35 October 2019
  • Thanks, Is there a way I can get a list of the classes and div’s so I can do these changes myself? I am pretty good HTML, CSS, and PHP programmer.
    in side bars Comment by judy35 October 2019
  • Look at the calendar on the Articles Page.  October the 11th doesn't show.  When you mouse over it the pointer changes to a hand.  When you click on it opens the Post that was created on that date. I would like date to be bold and show. judithmowery…
    in side bars Comment by judy35 October 2019
  • One last question on sidebars pertaining to the calendar widget.  The date of a blog POST does not show on the calendar.  I know the date is the same color as the background but I can't figure which setting to change. Thanks menu - Articles
    in side bars Comment by judy35 October 2019
  • Thanks, I used this css:  with the custom css widget
    in side bars Comment by judy35 October 2019
  • Thanks, The sidebar is working, and I can add widgets, but I can’t lower the sidebar and it extends into the main menu on the top. I tried moving the sidebar down using “muffin builder” but that doesn’t work.  I have looked in theme options but can’…
    in side bars Comment by judy35 October 2019
  • Did you make this change in "settings -  reading? Did you have to change anything else? Thanks
    in side bars Comment by judy35 October 2019
  • Thanks, however now it repeats my news category.  I am only using two categories books, and news.  My Blog page is Articles.  On the Page Articles, in the sidebar it shows these two categories and repeats the news category on the main part of the pa…
    in side bars Comment by judy35 October 2019
  • Website: credentials removed by the moderator sorry for my mistake
    in side bars Comment by judy35 October 2019
  • Thanks,  it made no sense, but it worked!
  • I don't know what you mean by " link is not propered"?  How do you change it to something else?  It is in the media library under that link name.
  • Thanks, I borrowed a different IPad and the sliders show, my IPad is six or seven years old, maybe I should get a new one. I corrected the hamburger menu’s, so it now shows up and it works on the borrowed IPad. However, I don’t understand the retina…
  • I am using the small IPad.  What I see is the logo and the hamburger menu!  When scrolling up I see "About Judith Mowery"  which is below the slider.  Nothing on the slider appears!  Scrolling down farther I see three of her books and a button "see …
  • I agree, the website works fine, but the picture and the click button are not showing.  Did you look at it on a computer and an IPad?  The slider is showing only the brown background and the logo. As for as the hamburger menu I don't know how to mak…
  • My link is: site:  judithmowery.comThe slider works on computers, laptops, and android cell phones.  It doesn't work on an IPad.
  • Wow, Thanks
    in Menu Comment by judy35 September 2019
  • That was easy, Thanks
  • This is a screen shot of one of your demo websites that has the type of menu I would like to implement. However I don't know how to upload a screen shot to the forum, so I uploaded it to the media library in my website.  I was the last entry in the …
  • Two Post are missing from Post Published!  These two Post were:  "Out of the Desert Sands", and "Return to the Egyptian Sands".  These Post were added to the Books page using the Blog item in Muffin Builder.  The menu Books is displayed as Judy's No…
  • That fixed removing the header, but after displaying the Post it disapears  from the list of all Post.  It can still be displayed but not edited!
  • I put the screen shot in my media liabrary.  Is it the 1st one.
  • thanks, what was deleted was all my pictures and one page that was all pictures.  It wasn't too difficult and I am redoing That page using Blog rather than Images. Thanks
  • No
  • Thanks
    in categories Comment by judy35 August 2019
  • Thanks for fixing it, but I don't understand the answer
    in Menu Comment by judy35 August 2019
  • I had it marked under but it is not working.  It is marked under, not working
    in Menu Comment by judy35 August 2019
  • Thanks, now I understand why you didn't understand my problem.  However, options doesn't show unless you change the settings
  • Thanks, but I must have turned something off in BeThemes and I tried turning ever thing back on  but I can't get featured image to show when creating a new Post or when I try to edit a Post. any Post
  • Go to my site and open Articles Page.  This page shows the Post that were cloned.  The image that shows is the cloned image.  With in two of these Post the image was changed as well as the description which shows when the Post is opened when clickin…
  • However, I want the image that show, when you click read more, to be the featured image.  As you can see the only image that shows is the cloned image on the Articlesl Page.  This takes away the benefit of cloning.  This means that you can't use the…
  • That was not the question. I want to change from Muffin Builder to the WP editor.  How I do you show the WP editor?
  • If you go to my website and select the menu item "Articles"  you will see three Post with the same picture.  Two of these Posts have been cloned. When you click "Read More" on each of these Post you will the Post with the picture and description des…
  • Thanks, I would also like to remove the copy write line below the footer that is linked to muffin group
  • Don't bother to answer, I will just edit the slide you started. Thanks
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you Ron K
    in Menu Comment by judy35 August 2019
  • OK, but I did have an image in my slider and that image did show above the demo picture. It just loaded very slowly. The image I have in the slide does not show in the editor, but shows after 22 seconds after loading the page. What am I doing wrong?
  • I have requested support on this topic several time.  Then last time you just sent me to a list of discussions. If you look at me website you will see what I a talking about.  I have spent hours trying to get all of the menu to show.…
    in Menu Comment by judy35 August 2019
  • yes
    in Post Comment by judy35 August 2019
  • Pablo thanks;the first item, How do I show all pages on the non sticky menu?  On the Main, non-sticky menu, only the menu items that are moused over show as well as the page that site is showing.  I want to show all pages on the main non-sticky menu…
    in Menu Comment by judy35 July 2019
  • My issue is that I can't find muffin builder when I try to edit a pre built demo page. After I pick the page I have 3 ways to edit: edit, quick edit and edit with WPBakery. I understand that I have to edit the demo page with Muffin Builder, so I pic…
  • Thanks, but I don't know where page options are and how did I hide Muffin Builder? My website:  judithmowery.comuser: guestpw: abc123 Ron Kraft
  • Thanks, how do I get Muffin Builder back.  All I see is edit with WPBakery when I try to edit a page.
  • I activated WPBakery Page builder and Theme Options show Muffin Options. But that is not answering my question. I will restate my question and problem. I was expecting to see, when opening the Home Page and clicking edit all of the items that could …
  • I have done all of that, but I was expecting to see the demo pages laid out.  What is the purpose of buying a pre programmed site if you only get a regular WP theme?
  • Thanks, however the page is not filled in with the pictures, words, and links of the demo.  I was hoping to see the page filled in with these details.  I see in the images the background image of 1920 x 950, and the image of the author 980 x 920. …
  • My website is: judithmowery.comusername: guestpw: abc12345