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Portfolio&Pages&Wpml broke So URGENT!
  • Hi,
    I am using brandon theme which works with WPML.
    I finished my web-site in turkish(just a few things more) then i installed wpml. i made all pages&blog posts&portfolios duplicate in English, and then translated all of them including portfolio categories...
    But suddenly my web-site gone mad. at first all portfolios in english turned to Turkish... then i tried to fix and now i cannot translate portfolio categories, bec. now when i try to translate categories, it is thinking as a new category, and when listing all portfolio(portfolio page) it shows both turkish and english category names...
    After all i erased all english translations and waited to calm myself....
    i edited SEO settings in all pages. I finished both turkish and english pages. when i checked nothing was problem... then i quit the site.
    after 1 hour i login to my site, and see that %95 pages in english turned into turkish too...(only 1 page remain english)...
    I wanted to broke my computer so bad :@
    How can this be???
    After a few min. i remembered to edit pages prev. vversions, so now i got english pages back...

    But now, i cannot acces to my Portfolio Pages. not only in english, also in turkish... and cannot understand why!!! i just can edit portfolios but cannot open them in front-end...

    What the h. is wrong? can you help me?
    Why all these aboves happened? why when everything was finished it changed? how may i sure this is not gonna happen again?

    I am posting this both you and WPML. 
    Please answer me immidieatly...
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  • If you need to access my site you need to change your host and add my web-site ip... i can share them in private mesaage.
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  • hi,
    now i realised that i wrote portfolio-slug as: "category" thats why it crashed...

    but i still dont understand the WPML problem... it cant be wp. but lets say bad luck, and make sure its not about theme... iif somebodyelse got this problem too, it wont be coincidence:)

    thanks anyway.
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  • hi, i found the problem...
    wpml has an error of, when you edit original page, the duplicate is changing to same... (eventough i select"do not change duplicate")
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