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How update to the new version of Brandon Theme?
  • Remember to always make backup of your files and database. 

    At first you need to download the new package from Themeforest. You can do it in your Themeforest user panel > Downloads. There is always the latest version.

    1. If you didn`t made any changes in theme files, you should to overwrite the old files on your FTP by the new one which you can find in unzipped download package.

    You can do it by using Total Commander or FileZilla. Or you can do it in your WordPress admin panel. To do it please go to Appearance > Themes, activate another theme, delete the Brandon theme, then upload the new version in the same way as you installed a new theme.

    2. If you changed theme files and you don`t want to lose them, the best way will be to use one of free available tools for compare files, ex. Beyond Compare
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  • If we installed the demo xml will applying a new theme update affect any of that setup?
  • so as you added some new short codes after our theme purchase , Can you tell how to include them in our current live theme . My understanding is that we will require to add some code for shortcodes.php. Can you please share this code. We need this for DropCap and ToolTip, thanks
  • I'm sincerely confused.... Why doesn't Brandon Theme "update" like 99% of other themes? By showing an update availability inside the website manager for wordpress. 

    I find this a daunting task that I have to be notified by email, then track to the website, manually download the file and then mesh it against my existing files??? This sounds very hodge podge and not a quality support update protocol. 

    I'm not a web designer by trade, and my main reason for buying a "supported" template was to help me get rid of constant massaging and re-developing everything. Sorry, this is just frustrating. 

    So is there a way for me to do this from the Admin side of Wordpress? 
  • I have a different method, is it wrong to do it this way?

    1. Download the update from ThemeForest
    2. Make sure the folder is zipped
    3. Go into WordPress Appearance/Themes
    4. Delete the Theme I would like to update
    5. Click "Add New" then "Upload"
    6. Choose the update I've downloaded
    7. Activate
    I do it this way as I've found it to be quicker than replacing the files via FTP -- it's also a surefire way not to accidentally leave anything out.

    I'm just not sure if there would be any reasons not to do it this way?


  • If I had change colors and layout parameters from the Brandon Theme Option I lost everything with an updating? Or just the CSS custom?
  • What is the latest version and when was the last update released?
  • I've updated to the latest version but have this showing above the footer in all pages. Please advise. 

    Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/ecommerc/public_html/wp-content/themes/brandon/sidebar.php on line 17

  • Hey Muffin Group - great theme. 

    I'm having an issue with the editor and I am hoping for an easy fix. 

    When I go to the wysiwyg to edit column content, the window for the editor is basically reduced significantly and is mostly unusable. This seems to have just developed... and we have made no changes to any of the site files.... no css modifications or php edits....(at least that we know of or can pinpoint.) 

    Theme version 1.6.4

    Here is an image of the issue:  

    Please let me know if there is anything I should update ...perhaps the muffin builder files only? (I really don't want to update the entire theme...updates make me nervous!)

  • I agree with chrisban35. This update process goes against every reason I'm using WordPress. This process should be handled through a one-click update in the Admin panel -- not through manually copying files through FTP where I may or may not make mistakes and lose site content that could take hours to reproduce. 

    If this is the process Muffin Group is putting forth, you should at least provide a more detailed, step-by-step process that explains everything clearly in layman's terms. Especially for a seemingly mandatory security update.

    I echo this statement: " main reason for buying a "supported" template was to help me get rid of constant massaging and re-developing everything. Sorry, this is just frustrating."
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  • The bigger question for me is, when I overwrite these files, will all my pages that hold my content be overwritten and require redoing?

    In your instructions "1. If you didn`t made any changes in theme files,...", this is where things are unclear. I don't know if I've made changes to the theme files. It's been a couple years since I put this site in place and don't remember all the details.
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  • Hello, I received notification of an available update. I downloaded from the site "" again the theme, but by checking the data files of the new package is passed. The files are all dated 16/02/2015 no files are modified in May ....

    Where can I find the new update?

    Thank You
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  • Then there is a problem I do not understand ...

    On the website " ThemeForest " in the changelog, (  for example, it is reported that the file " functions.php " has been modified , but the upgrade by downloading the new file has a date of 02/2015 and also on the php code is written to the line 15

    " define ( ' THEME_VERSION ' , ' 1.8.1 ' ) ; "

    When the latest version should be this :
    Version 1.8.5 - May 22 , 2015

    Perhaps it is not loaded the updated version on Themeforest ?

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  • Hi Muffingroup,

    We're using brandon version 1.4.1 with Wordpress version 4.2.6 - looking to update to the latest versions of Wordpress and Brandon but wanted to see if I should be expecting any issues of loosing any data or options? As there isn't a child theme in the version i'm using. 

    Any advice or notes? 

    Thank you in advance.

  • I've just taken over as webmaster for a website using the Brandon Theme.
    I have the Purchase Code, the Purchase Date, the Item ID and an Envato account login.  However, the Envato account is empty in the downloads section, and I cannot see a way to add the purchase/license info I have.
    Please advise on how I get to download the updates for the Brandon theme and Muffin Builder
  • Can we use the "Envato Market" plugin to update theme/plugins: or will it cause any issues that you are aware of?
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  • What about the links I added under Brandon Theme Options > Social Icons and the changes I made under Brandon Theme Options > Colors? Will I lose all this when I update?
  • Is the latest version 1.9.7?