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How to add standalone portfolios on different pages?
  • Hi, friends ; first of all, really thanks very much for all your precious time and support.

    1-Is it possible? Can I add different portfolios on different pages?
    For example, let's assume that I have a page named CARS and I have a page named BOATS.
    At the top menu , there will be the buttons (pages) of CARS and BOATS, and I want to to have each page to have its own portfolio.
    For example, CARS page will have a portfolio with the car brands , and BOATS page will have a portfolio of Boat brands.
    Both pages will have their own separate portfolios with their own categories.
    Is it possible?



    2-Friends, what exactly "portfolio" option is for ? I am talking about the PORTFOLIO option in the Muffin Builder's "AddItem" MENU, when editing a PAGE. 

    Because it seems if we choose the "portfolio" from the PAGE ATTRIBUTES section, it is already enough to have a portfolio.
    Am I missing something here?


    Please forgive me if it is something obvious, and thanks for all your help, friends.
    Kind Regards,
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  • Thanks a lot for your response and for your patience. 
    I appreciate it friends ; please forgive me for my questions.

    1-So, you mean ; it is not possible to achieve a layout as my example above?

    a) I will have a CARS page , a portfolio, which will have its own specific categories.

    b) I will have a BOATS page , a portfolio, which will have its own specific categories.

    c) I DON'T want to see the categories of the BOATS on the CARS page , in other words, I want to see only categories of the CARS (bmw, ferrari, mercedes) on the CARS page.

    d)  I DON'T want to see the categories of the CARS on the BOATS page , in other words, I want to see only categories of the BOATS (boatBrand1, boatBrand2, boatBrand3) on the BOATS page.

    e) And I want to achieve this functionality without using the SubMenus. I just want to use only MainMenu buttons as you see on my images above.

    Is this possibele?
    If not , what can I do to achieve it?

    Thanks very much, friends.
  • Hi friends and thanks very much for your response.

    1- Are you available for freelance work?
    Can you add this as a feature for me?
    If so , please contact with me from my email


    2- On the Demo , at the SHOP section, it seems and acts like a portfolio too.
    What do you think? 
    Would it be "right" to use wooCommerce plugin (if it is the plugIn used at the SHOP page on the DEMO) to be able to have a second separate portfolio as I described above? 
    I will not use it to sell my items but just for to be able to use a second portfolio. What do you think?
    Would it be right?
    This will be a long term project and I want to go safe and clean.

    Thank you very much for all your precious time and support :)
  • Thanks for your reply friends, appreciate it much. :)
  • Our old website was based on a different template and allowed you to do this with a custom-field called category-include. 

    For example (using Bedros example), you had a custom-field called category-include and then the value would have been boatBrand1 (the category slug)

    what it did was sort out boatBrand1 values from the rest. It was a filter. It would be a great addition to this Brandon template as it would allow to use different standalone portfolios like mentioned by Bedros. We really could use this feature as well.

    I tried adding the line of code from that other template but it didnt work.

    <?php $values = get_post_custom_values("category-include"); $cat=$values[0];  ?>
    <?php $catinclude = 'portfolio_category='. $cat ;?>
  • Any news or workaround about this topic?
    "How to add standalone portfolios on different pages"

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