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WPML with Brandon Languages Menu
  • I don't understand the process how to use WPML with the standard theme language menu in the header.
    I must create 2 or more language menu? what kind of menu structure? 

    I hope that I explained in a few words
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  • Hi Fabio,

    I've found the same problem setting up the languages menu on my site.
    What the support team is saying unfortunately set the link in the languages menu only to the localized home page and doesn't let the user to switch the language for every single content... that is precisely what I'm looking for (and as long as I understand you're looking for too).

    As you know WPML let you place its own language switcher in any template file using 
    <?php do_action('icl_language_selector'); ?>
    So I've tried to solve on my own this thing searching trough the theme files and I found in header-top-area.php inside "includes" directory the point where I can put the code I've showed you before.

    So at line 56 of header-top-area.php I delete
    <?php mfn_wp_lang_menu(); ?>
    and paste
    <?php do_action('icl_language_selector'); ?>

    The thing worked like a charm but the problem is that on the next update of Brandon theme I will lose this customization.
    Then I restored the original header-top-area.php file and went back to the WPML setting page and I found the trick!

    What you have to do is:

    1. Create a new menu and name it "Languages" and create all the translation you need (Italian and English in my case) setting the name in the original language (Lingue and Languages in my case);
    2. Let the menu empty and go to the WPML setting page;
    3. Find where it says "Language switcher in the WP Menu" and flag it selecting the Language menu you have previously set up;
    4. Set the style of the switcher as "List of languages > Horizontal"
    5. Add a little css customization. In my case
    #lang_sel_list {
    height: auto;
    font-family: inherit;
    #lang_sel_list ul {
    padding: 7px !important;
    margin: auto !important;
    #lang_sel_list li {
    float: none;

    So you "embed" the wpml language switcher inside the Brandon language menu.
    Hope it helps!

    Best regards
  • I have plugin WPML and icon Languages Menu show right but the name of languages and link don't work
  • fine OK, but if I am in a page of the site in English (for example) and I want to change the language of the same page, what kind of links I put in the menu? I can not change the menu for each page.
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