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WordPress Update to 3.9 and Brandon Update to 1.6.3
  • I wanted to update the title of one of my buttons today and when I typed the new text it would not save. I then decided I should check for Brandon updates due to the WordPress 3.9 update. After updating Brandon to 1.6.3, all of my Widgets lost their content. Also, in the WordPress Editor window the "Visual" tab is not showing any WYSIWYG content, I must use the "Text" tab to see my page content. And finally in one of my sections, I have a Column that contains button code. (You see such a button on this page: BUT, when I am on Edit Page, and I click on that column to edit it, I do not see a content window to edit the button. Help?!
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  • It was strange that the button still worked. After a little more research I learned that a lot of people are having trouble with visual editor in WordPress 3.9. Here is a very helpful page

    If you look at that page, I followed step 1 and manually emptied the cache on my browser and so far everything seems back in order. My visual editor is working again, and I edited the button and it saved.

    Thank you. This ended up being a WordPress problem so I appreciate your taking the time to look at my page.

    BTW I love my Brandon template!!!!!
  • I am having the same problem. I followed the steps suggested by Wordpress and the Visual Editor still is not working. HELP PLEASE!
  • This is what I have done so far...


    Okay.. I have seen a lot of people reporting various issues with the WordPress editor after updating to version 3.9.

    Remember... remain calm!! WordPress would not have released this update if there were problems with the core software. The update definitely works. BUT.. many themes and plugins have been affected by the update.

    Main Reason
    TinyMCE version 4. This is the software used to run the WordPress content editor. The framework has completely changed.. and most all plugins and themes which modified aspects of the tinymce editor will have to be updated. Plupload has also been updated.

    There have also been changes with how WP Galleries are handled, displayed, and processed.

    FIRST, empty your browser cache manually, and make sure to clear any caching plugin you are using in your WP admin panel. The content editor is notorious for serving cached files. Manually emptying and refreshing your browser cache may be the answer.

    So, what do you do if your editor is not loading properly??

    1. Deactivate all plugins.. yes, ALL plugins.
    2. Switch to the defualt 2014 theme... because we know it works.
    3. Manually empty and refresh your browser cache.

    These steps are VERY important.. and should be followed concisely!

    Now.. with NO plugins.. the default 2014 theme.. and a clean browser cache... go back and see if the editor loads properly.

    If Editor Loads Properly
    Now.. the editor should load properly. If it does not, skip to the next section.

    We have a working editor again; YAY! Now, we have to get our theme and plugins back.

    Testing Theme
    Start with your theme. Go back and switch to the theme you were using. Then, go back to the editor page. Test to see if the editor is still working properly.

    If it does not... you know the issue is with your theme.

  • When I get to the step of Re-enabling the Brandon theme and clear my browser cache again, I do not have the ability to use the editor either at the top of the page or within the muffin builder.