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Update Revolution Slider for Bretheon Theme
  • I need to update the Revolution Slider on two sites that use the Bretheon theme.

    I have looked at many forum posts and the links in them to the instructions but they do not provide all the information needed.

    I have looked at this link in which you provide two methods to update:

    1) Go to Revolution Slider section which is in main wp dashboard section on the left side. Then click on "Update Plugin" button in the right bottom corner, go to betheme\functions\plugins folder and select file and just upload it. That`s it

    2) You can do it via FTP. Just log in into your FTP server and go to wp-content/plugins/revslider/ folder. Unpack files from file which has been described in point 1 and replace files from unpacked folder into your FTP to wp-content/plugins/revslider/ folder.

    1. I do not see the button to update the plugin in wordpress admin
    2. The directory locations for uploading via FTP are not the same in the Bretheon theme as the BeTheme. I have looked at the files and the only place I see the Revolution Plugin is wp-content / themes / bretheon / revslider.

    Please provide clear and details of all the steps required to update the revolution plugin via FTP. I have downloaded the latest version of the theme from themeforest. Please be clear about where the new files are and which files need updating on my existing site.

    I presume updating these files will not effect the content of the slides on my site?

    Thank you
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  • Thanks but you have not answered my question regarding uploading via FTP. FTP is how I wish to update revslider.

    In your description of how to update via FTP, the revslider files are not where you say they should be. You say they are in wp-content/plugins/revslider/ but they are actually in wp-content / themes / bretheon / revslider.

    Should I replace these files? and  will updating these files will effect the content of the slides on my site?