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Sidebar Problem
  • We have a multi-site installation. For all but one site
    (the one located at the root), in administration under Appearance ->
    Widgets, none of the registered sidebars are being displayed.  This makes it impossible to edit the footer
    or to create sidebars on those sites. 
    What is the cause, and how is it fixed? Thank you!!
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  • One thing I was wrong about: there are a couple other sites where the sidebars are working.  I don't know why.  

    The first thing I tried was adding the sidebars from the theme options.  If the sidebars were being registered properly, then I expect that the Footer Area sidebars would be shown even when no sidebars are created in Theme Options.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I will create a temporary account and send you the credentials over PM so that you may attempt to reproduce the problem.

    * In the administration panel, in the My Sites menu, navigate to Network Admin -> Sites.
    * Create a new site, call it "muffin1" for the sake of argument.
    * Go to the site dashboard and activate the Bretheon theme for that site.
    * Create any number of sidebars in Theme Options
    * Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets and attempt to edit the custom sidebars.

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  • CAUSE:  When a new site is created on a multi-site installation, the table wp_n_revsliders_sliders is not created (n is the site ID).  As a result, the script halts when wp_list_widgets() is called, and as a result the sidebars cannot be modified from Appearance -> Widgets.

    SOLUTION:  A workaround for this problem is to create a single Revolution slider for each new site after creating them.

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  • Hi,
    I have same problem. Some sites with bretheon show widget area, some sites dont. It should be somewhere in theme.

    Please help to fix it, I even cannot delete footer widget area content imported by xml because I have no access to widgets.
    Also not working Screen Options label.
    How can I send you access privately?