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How to make "Portfolio" items linkable to specific page?
  • For this purpose we can use "Project URL" option from portfolio single page - just like on and we can link from "Portfolio" content builder items to specific pages which are set up for "Project URL" field.

    To do that, please open functions/theme-shortcodes.php file, please find function sc_portfolio function. Inside this function you must find code which looks like:

    $output .= '<a href="'. get_permalink() .'">';

    and replace it with the following one:

    $output .= '<a target="_blank" href="'. get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'mfn-post-link', true) .'">';
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  • Thanks - this is just what I was looking for!

  • On the same subject, would it be possible for the link to open the portfolio image in a lightbox?
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  • Okay, no problem. Thanks for your help.

    Could you clarify where to add that code, please?

    I added it to your code in the original post but the lightbox windows displays the message 'the requested content cannot be loaded, Please try again later.'

    Also, the code in the original post results in the browser opening the same page in a new window or tab if the project url field hasn't been filled.

    Appreciate your help with this.

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  • I want to use it in the example you originally posted to this thread - how to make portfolio items linkable to specific page - but  instead of opening the page specified in 'Project URL' field I would like the featured image to open in a lightbox.

    How can I alter the code you posted above (from functions/theme-shortcodes.php) so that the image opens in a lightbox? When I include the class in your original line of code it gives me the error 'the requested content cannot be loaded, Please try again later.'

    Apologies for the confusion. I hope that is clearer.

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  • Totally understand, just wondered whether it could be done easily using a combination of the fancybox class and get_post_thumbnail somewhere in that function. Takes me ages to work these things out (if at all!) followed by lots of trial and error so thought I'd ask before I start reading!

    Reading through the previous posts I can see you often go above and beyond to help people out so if it was easy to do I know you'd be happy to help. It's not absolutely required, just thought I'd ask.

    Thanks for your help.
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