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Probleme with translation

  • Hi,
    I am translating the theme using the po files - so that it is more complete. There is 2 things I cannot translate: the date of a post, (the month is in alpha instead of numeric) and the comment box on a post:‐tete-1ere-edition/

    In other themes, I just had to change the wordpress settings to use the numeric format for month, but that does not work here.

    Thank you for your help.
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  • I found where to make changes for the date - wow, you should really take out the statement in selling your theme that it is 'translation ready' it is really not. To claim that you should at least use the wordpress settings on how to display the date - well known for translation to use numeric instead of alphanumeric for the month, really basic stuff.

    get_the_time('F  should be for alphanumeric:  get_the_time('m  

    I closed the comments for the second problem - I still would like to know where to transalte that section.

    Thank you
  • Hi, in Forest Theme you pointed out that there is a quick fix for the date - please let me know, I still would like your explanation of how to fix it the right way – and I will change back the files so it is easier to update the theme.
    Thank you
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  • Thanks for the solution - it is in fact what I did but there are also 2 other places you need to make the changes : in the widget of the latest posts and in the blog page: widget-recent-posts.php and in theme-functions.php.

    Sorry about the confusion - my complaint is really not about the support time - It is about that I bought the theme for the "Build in translator" - I tried it and find it not complete (when you are translating a theme you cannot leave words and sentences out ), so I started to get frustrated, than I had to redo all the job in the with .po file (since I first entered all the words in the build in translator), than I realized the the date was not working, spent time searching your forum, post a question and I did not have time to wait (I am not saying here that your answer was too long, just that I could not wait due to deadline) - so I feel you should not say that your theme is translation ready - changing 6 lines in different php functions and going through the process I went through - I do not called that translation ready.

    Please also help me with translating the comment section of a post (see my second question in the first post of this thread) - I have time to wait for your answer for this one :-) I just turn off the comments until you can help me.

    Thank you
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