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Two Questions on Your Great Caffeine Theme

  • Hi MuffinGroup,

    I really love your theme. It makes my entry into the web design business a breeze.

    However, I have 2 questions in which I need your help. One is quite easy while the other is a bit more complicated.

    First, what is the font that was used in the Caffeine logo? Second, from the XML files that you provided, can you please provide me a step-by-step process on how to create the revolution slider that you used in the demo?

    Again, your prompt reply on this urgent matter will truly be appreciated.

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  • Thanks for your prompt response.

    Although I didn't get the step-by-step process I requested, I understand your reply and do appreciate the info you shared including the font you've used in the Caffeine logo.

    Again, thanks and more power!
  • Its been some time now since I visited this forum as I was quite busy with my consultancy business.

    Please read carefully my earlier reply as it clearly stated there that what I didn't get is for my request of a step-by-step process, which I followed by stating that I understood your stand on the matter. And then  I went on to thank on the things that you were able to help me with.

    Hopefully, this will clear any misunderstanding as I do appreciate the professionalism shown by your group. Again, more power!
  • Wow! Are we reading the same discussion / post?

    If you've really carefully read the communications I've sent, you will see that in my first reply, I merely stated, based on your initial response, that "Although I didn't get the step-by-step process I requested, I understand your reply" and then I went on to thank you for the other things you've given. It really was a thankful and courteous letter.

    And so I was surprised when you replied that you didn't understand it. So, in my second reply, I merely clarified that point. I didn't repeat anymore the request for a "step-by-step process" since, as I stated in my first reply that, I understood your response and I actually respected it.

    Also, I never wrote about me not being "able to upload slider1.txt file into Revolution Slider" so I am wondering why you've stated that. And of course, I never thought that you'll be "able to spent again 2 hours to describe each element/font/etc step by step" - that's absurd!

    What I thought was that your group had the foresight of making a webpage where you give step-by-step instructions for your customers to easily replicate your demo site. This is to help them successfully use the product/s that they bought from you.

    This is done only once, and you can simply direct any of your customers asking for a step-by-step instructions to that page.

    I trust that, as fellow business proffessionals, you can see that it is worth the time to do so.

    Again, I hope that this will clarify matters - which is what I am merely aiming.
  • Thanks for your prompt and kind reply.

    In my own small way, I develop the sites that I use in my business and it really drains one's energy. So much more in your work, which is much bigger in scale. So really, no apologies are needed.

    I trusted right, as your professionalism has again shine through :) The work that you've done with the videos is extensive and is a big help for us to better understand the making of your demo site.

    Again, thanks and more power!