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  • muffingroup
    muffingroup created an account for dusselldorf.
    Welcome Aboard!
    September 2014
  • KleTorres
    Below the data you asked: FTP: User: site1380204694 Password: [email protected] Website Wordpress: Login: admin Password: [email protected] Please have urgency to solve the problem, because I need to deliver the site! Many thanks for the help so far. Kleber Torres
    February 2014
  • MuhammadAmin
    how do i send a personal message..?
    August 2013
  • meezie FTP Login: Username: mariatr Password: #[email protected] WP Login Username: Bcleveland Password: Ohmydarla98
    June 2013
  • meezie
    FTP Login is Username: mariatr Password: #[email protected] Thank you!
    June 2013
  • staymotivated
    Listen, I have been very patient for the last 24 hours but I am getting no help from you. Please resolve my issue as I paid fully for this theme. I do not wish to have to cancel my order. I like your theme, but you are not very responsive. I know you are busy with many other customers, but you should possibly hire a part time person to assist you. Please respond ASAP.
    December 2012
    • flacnvinyl
      Did you get your problem resolved? The menu is a major major problem right now. Especially on older computers.
      February 2013
  • staymotivated
    Muffin did you get my info?
    December 2012
  • staymotivated
    FTP access so you can help me fix the XML file: user: edaily pass: atia1984 user: seocompanynj pass: bulls88 Please help import XML file so it looks like the demo.
    December 2012

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