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  • Greetings,

    So I'm new to the Muffin Page builder and I'm trying to convert my existing page content which is mostly text. What is the best way to copy/paste the content? Also, which block do I use? I don't see a text block and I've tried some and nothing seems to allow paragraphs. All of the content is bunched into one paragraph and even when I edit the paragraphs in the muffin builder and save the edits, it still views as one paragraph.

    Any suggestions?
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  • great. Thanks for the speedy reply!
  • Have a look at this link...

    I'm trying to understand and use the Muffin Builder. So I created a column section and added an image and text field. However, as you will see the text is bunched into one paragraph. However, I've included three paragraphs when adding the content. Why are the paragraphs not showing up?

  • Okay. I went ahead and imported the XML and noticed I need to use HTML to get the paragraphs etc to view properly. This is all doable but curious if you have any plans to make this a little easier for those that aren't coders?

  • Hi There. 
    I hope that didn't come across as an insult. It certainly wasn't intended that way.

    What I mean is if I use the 'Column' feature in your builder and add text with paragraphs, I feel like the results should show this. I basically have to use <p> huh</p> for every paragraph in order for this to happen. And also Headings would need to be dome the same way. No 'biggie' but a little time consuming and perhaps not very intuitive in this sense. 

    If I use the the build in WP editor then I'm stuck. So I can't easily design the page with other elements within the builder. So if I'm building a complex page with columns, icon boxes, text, parallax image, and perhaps ore text below that then there's no way that I've discovered yet that allows me to put the right text in the right place. If I use your builder to 'include' the content than it will place all text in one place. Hope that makes sense.

    A nice solution would be to add a feature that allows for the breaks/paragraphs to show if theres a break in the text, and maybe a way to select a heading without having to <h3></h3>

    Anyhow, just saying...

    Your builder is user-friendly and I think you've done an excellent job. But from a casual user perspective, and not an experienced code/html user it's can be a little cumbersome. And I would image there's plenty of users that would be a little puzzled by this.

    Thanks again for all your expertise.
  • okay, easy enough. Thanks for the great support and I love the theme. Awesome that you've included Sitemap, SEO and Archives options.

    Thanks again!