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Where can you hide page title?
  • HI there, I am wanting to use a blank homepage without the "page title" shown, but the only "default" template available won't let me hide that aspect.  I realize when you use the Rev Slider, that does hide the title, but I'd prefer not to use the Rev Slider.

    Is there anything else I can do?  

    Also, I don't want to disable title via CSS, cause I don't mind titles on the sub pages.


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  • HI thanks,

    I simply want to remove the title on the "home" page, but not the others.  What CSS would I need to use?  I can easily block title on all, but how do I do for just the one page?

    Is the Rev slider the only thing that will disable the page title?
  • I just want to remove the home page title. 
  • Also, I set the background to #ffffff, but the #fafafa keeps showing up.  Is there a CSS override to make the background area white?  I have tried using body { } CSS, but that didn't work.  I used the built in theme option too, but nothing happened.  I just need the body to be white.
  • Also, one more thing.   Your back end theme options aren't showing up in Firefox and Chrome.  Don't know why, but something is blocking the ability to change any settings in those browsers.  I thought it was a plugin, but works fine in Safari.
  • BTW - Now theme options aren't working in Safari Either.
  • Don't worry about it.  I figured most of the issues out on my own.

    But your theme is being very screwy in all browsers on Mac.  Theme options not working on Firefox, and Chrome.  But work fine in Safari.   Widgets won't open in Safari, but open in Firefox and Chrome.  Can't add a Blog category in Firefox, etc. etc.

    Each web browser allows some things but not others.  Don't know if updating your theme would help, but again, certain areas aren't working in certain browsers.
  • Sorry to clarify, When I say screwy, I mean the "back end".   Not the public site.
  • I usually would think the same thing.  But the dashboard didn't start messing up until I activated your theme.  Which made me think it MIGHT BE the theme.  Or possible conflict.    Reason I say this, I had two other themes I tested that didn't have issues on same install.  And when I switch back to them, screwiness stops, for example, the Widget panel works, but on Cake it does not.

    So I don't know. Again, It might be a conflict between your theme and a plugin I am using.  Do you have a list of known conflicts?   That's all I can think of.
  • I can't find a conflict.  I deactivated the only suspicious plugin.   But I did realize that the issues started when I activated Woo Commerce 2.2.8.   Is the theme possibly having conflict with that version.  I noticed that Cake 1.3  was updated on Sept 3rd.  And Woo 2.2.8 was update last week.  So could that be the issue?  And if you guys are running old version of WOO you may not be experiencing it.  Just a thought.

    But I don't know what else it could be.

    But the two problems I get are listed here.

    1) Widget Panel doesn't work in Safari, Firefox.   But works in Chrome.
    2) Cake Theme panel doesn't work in Firefox, Chrome.  But works in Safari.

  • I did notice that theme files say Compatible with Woo Commerce 2.1.x

    So don't know if that is the issue, but are you going to update the theme soon anyways?  Been several WP and Woo updates since Sept 2nd
  • Hi there.  Everything is up to date.   One thing I did do, (and I don't know if this is a reason) . . . but I have the theme installed on an NGINX set up, with bluehost wordpress hosting, and i have noticed some little twitches, here and there, and might be due to the varnish, or whatever, but maybe there's a caching issue with my computer, not matching with the caching issue on the server???  That's all i can assume.  

    The reason I say it might be that, is that I set up a new test install on one of my other hosting accounts (non NGINX setup), just apache, and it seemed to work fine.  Everything was there, just like you said.

    So I don't know???  It's still doing it, but all files are updated.  I guess its not that big of a deal.

    Real quick on Woo Commerce . . . I did notice your "go to checkout" button is cut in half on the iPhone 5 vertical viewing.   You can't really see what the button says.  THis is after you add a product to the cart.