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Muffin Builder content disappearing
  • Checked the theme version, Chrome, and downloaded Firefox for testing. Everything is up to date, however, I cannot save any of my work I do in the muffin builder. Also, the map element is suddenly not visible on my contact page. 

    I have been testing, I put youtube video embed code in the body of one timeline item and I took it out and then it started to work. but that was the only pattern I could find. Not sure why, but every once in a while when I save, everything I set up in a timeline object will disappear. 

    The map on the contact page is visible in the editor window, but not on live page:

    Again, I tested all of this in Chrome and Firefox. 

    How can I fix muffin builder in posts and prevent losing work in the future? 


    Can I use HTML in the timeline element? I want to embed video, use lists, and other elements.  

    Im sure the issues are related. thank you!
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  • My video section is not working either. I really need to resolve this. can you help? :)
  • I just lost all of my work again. I did a bunch of work. the tooltip shortcode worked fine in the text so I thought other shortcodes would work. I inserted button shortcode, saved it properly, and it suddenly disappeared. What went wrong?
  • ok, I got that part done. 

    Unfortunately, certain sections are still not working. video, and maps do not show up, there may be more, I haven't tested all sections. 
  • I really need help with this. I need these elements to work. Please help. :)
  • Ok, the website is hosted by godaddy's shared hosting, I spoke to an advanced hosting expert. The local should override the master. he bumped the local up to 20000 in case that would help. 
  • He also said that their servers are optimized specifically for WP which means to get a dedicated server would not be as good as their shared hosting for WP. 
  • Ok, before this issue came up, we duplicated the website to 

    As you can see, the max_input_vars is set to 1000

    And the content on the contact page is still on there.

    Which is only 3 columns, a form, a contact box, and a map. so there isnt a lot of content. 
    Something else is wrong. 

    I called godaddy back. I realize you know shared hosting. but Godaddy knows their shared hosting servers very well. They said that the master value is a default value, and is not the true value. the true value is 20000. They cant modify the master value because 

    Please help :)

  • Ok, let me say this again. The servers I use are specially customized for WP and are NOT the issue. Its not on my end it is definitely an issue with the theme. I have done everything I could, I showed you evidence of the theme working on another domain, please show me the respect of a customer who paid for your technology. 

    I dont think the problem is elsewhere. I dont know where it is, but that is your job, because I purchased this theme and it should work for me. The servers are specially optimized to work with WP and themes like yours.

    Again, the problem is not on our end, its on yours. So help me fix it! Please! :)
  • Did the FTP update, It didn't work. I really need help with this. We have thoroughly dug through our servers to look for the issue and we cant find it. That tells me the issue is in the theme itself. Is it possible its not compatible with the current version of wp??

    If I dont get help from you guys, I will be at a dead end. please help! :)
  • No, volume of content doesn't appear to be relevant. 

    take the contact page as an example:

    all this page has is a form, contact box, and a map. its not content heavy.

    I will not be able to use a different server, our current servers are WP optimized through godaddy and are very reliable, and they have been very helpful changing what they could. 

    I have re-uploaded theme files. I am disappointed, I wish that you would stop insisting your theme doesn't have issues and just try to help me solve the problem. What really has me perplexed is that your theme work here with the same godaddy type server.

    I have been back and forth with you and my server company for weeks now, with no success. I have to deliver a reliable product to my customers. 

    It looks like I will have to look for a different non-muffingroup theme that wont have these issues, or at least work to solve them. 

    I am still open to discussion, but Im concerned about this being an issue again.