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Replacing Icons in Muffingroup Themes
  • Hi - I've been searching Muffingroup forums for info on how to add your own icons to the font awesome set. People didn't think it could be done but I figured it out and it's working on my website (I'm using the Cake theme and I would imagine it works in their other themes as well.) Here's how I did it:

    1. Get font editing software. I used High-Logic Font Creator: - it costs money but perhaps there's free font editing software out there - I was in a time crunch and since Font Creator worked perfectly on my first try with the demo (you can't save with the demo, though) I went with it.

    2. Download the cake font files - themes/cake/fonts. Back them up in case anything goes wrong (I just stuck mine in a folder I labeled "fontbackup.:) Open mfn-icons.ttf in Font Creator. I simply replaced one of the icons I didn't think I'd ever use (in this case, I replaced "diamond" - the first icon you see in the Cake demo homepage. I double clicked the diamond icon and it opened in an edit window.

    3. I found icons I wanted from iStock photo, downloaded them in eps format, opened them in software that can edit eps (I used CorelDraw) and saved the icons in png format.

    4. With the diamond icon open in the edit window, I imported my icon in the png format and sized it to fit over the diamond icon so the sizes would be similar. I then carefully selected the diamond icon (it's in several pieces) and deleted, leaving my new icon in its place.

    5. Just uploading the new version of mfn-icons.ttf with my new icon won't work, you now have to change mfn-icons.eot. mfn-icons.svg and mfn-icons.woff. This is fortunately free and quick. Upload mfn-icons.ttf to and in a few seconds it will render .eot, .svg and .woff files which you then download in a .zip file. Upload these new font files, including mfn-icons.ttf, to the Cake folder: themes/cake/fonts, replacing the original files.

    When I opened my website in a browser nothing had changed - the browser had cached the original font. I simply refreshed my browser once or twice and the new icon appeared, replacing the diamond icon in the cake demo! Refreshing worked in Chrome, I had to clear the cache in Firefox.
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