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Megamenu 1 column option?
  • I was wondering if it was possible to have 1 row going vertically up and down. When I manually code to make a space for ex: < br > it works but the background takes up as much space even though there is nothing there.

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Thanks for the quick response, I've tried the code which worked. But now theres a huge amount of white space. You can check it out at under the "test" button.
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  • I have a similar question to Joshua and I think it is the same one.

    The background area (white space) seems to be fixed at full width which is a real pain in the ass. Most commercially available CSS mega menus allow you to set the number of columns (and the padding) to suit your needs.

    Like almost every other person that will buy this theme, I don't want to have to use a plugin like Ubermenu (which I have already bought) just to overcome this problem of a fixed width background.

    It should be relatively easier "fix" for you to make since it is pure CSS and one that is vital to this element of your theme (in my opinion).

    Most users will be unable to use the mega menu feature of this theme because any menu item with only 2-3 sub menu choices will make the screen look ridiculous.

    Your thoughts, on a postcard, please?


    Andrew JAMES
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  • OK, thanks for that. An interesting idea; I'll try it out. It would, of course, help if you added that to the documentation.

    Thanks and regards

  • Hi there,

    I think you misunderstood the point. I KNOW that I can use shortcodes to set out my menu EXACTLY how I want it to look.

    What I can't figure out, assuming I want a single column, is how to make the backgound only as wide as the single column I want for my menu.

    I have tried your method and, no matter what shortcodes I use, the white menu background is always 960/980 pixels wide. The background seems not to be responsive to the contents.

    Whilst I appreciate your comments that "this is my opinion" but please respect that it is that; my opinion that I voiced on an open forum as a paying customer of yours seeking support.


  • OK, a simple question.

    I would like my menu to look like this:


    Please NOTE that whilst the menu is set in three columns, the menu area (the white background) only uses enough space for the menu; it is not fixed full width.

    My question is this; do any of the solutions or advice that you have given so far allow this in the theme or is the background fixed width?


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  • Thank you for that answer, it is as I expected.

    Do you plan or will you consider improving the functionality of the Megamenu system if enough people request it or should we use a more flexible plugin to achieve the desired results?

    Not everybody will want a 960 px wide white background for a single column 4 item mun entry.


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  • I completely agree that width of mega menu width should be something we can specify per item; it looks clunky to have a fixed-width for every menu item.  For example other mega menu java plugins, let the user specific how wide in pixels each drop-down big box is.   So if I have a drop-down menu that needs to only be 600 pixels wide, for example in a "help/contact" area, but 950px wide for a features sub menu, that would look much more professional, rather than "one big full page width for everything".  

    I hope you consider adding that functionality, too, in a future relase .. thanks for your consideration.
  • Hey Andrew,

    Does Ubermenu work with Doover? Looks like a really cool plugin I'm considering to purchase. Please let me know. If you have a link to a working menu on a doover theme it would be really appreciative.

    Thank you,
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  • Hi Joshua,

    Both Ubermenu and CSS Mega Menu work fine with the theme; they are both WP compliant and therefore theme independant.

    You just need to disable "Use Mega Menus" in the Theme Options page.

    I have both. If you'd like to Email me at [email protected]myscreen I'll happily send you the wherewith all to "test drive" them both with the theme.

    My personal preference is for CSS Mega Menu.


  • How did you get ubermenu to work with the doover theme?  I can get it to show, but it goes to the top left corner of the page instead of where the default menu usually goes.  I disabled mega menu in the theme options already.  Is there some custome positioning that I need to do now?

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