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Phone number is not showing on mobile layout.
  • Most of my traffic is now coming through via mobile and my customers prefer to call.
    But the number is not showing on my galaxy s 3 or friends iphone.
    When I reduce the desktop screen size the number is there under the social icons.

    I have used the css below.
    #Header .top_options .call_us {
    display: block !important;


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  • Sorry about the confusion it all seems to be working fine

    Next step is to monitor how many of our visitors are
    clicking the phone number from mobile so I need to add a Google Analytics similar
    to this

    href=”tel: +44 203 4757070 ″ onclick=”_gaq.push(['_trackEvent','Click-to-Call','Nav','+44
    203 4757070 ]);”> +44 203 4757070 </a>

     Is this something
    you could help me with?

    I would assume it will have somethind to do with this

                            <!-- Call us -->

                            <?php $call_us =  doover_get_option( 'call_us' )?>

                            <?php if ( $call_us['text'] ):?>

                                <div class="call_us">

                                <span><?php echo
    $call_us['prefix']; ?> </span><?php echo $call_us['text'];


    Any help would be great.

    Thanks Richard

  • Thanks for the code above,

    How do you use the onclick for button tracking,
    [button link="tel:02034757070
    onClick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'call']);
    " title="Call" colour="green"]
  • Thanks for your help

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