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How to create Mega Menu?
  • Positions in Mega Menu can be added just like normal posts (by using shortcodes of course) and after that you need to check option “Enable Mega Menu” in Appearance > Theme options > General.

    Positions for Mega Menu can be added in Mega Menu > Add new.

    Remember that you can use only one of menus on page - "normal menu" or "mega menu". You can`t use both of them in the same time.
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  • Hi - your megamenu 'features' looks great, with a 3x2 grid.  How do you specify which item is last, and when to start showing up on 2nd column, and 3rd column?

    For example:

    Feature 1 menuitem                Feature 4 menuitem              Feature 7 menuitem

    Feature 2 menuitem                Feature 5 menuitem              Feature 8 menuitem

    Feature 3 menuitem                Feature 6 menuitem              Feature 9 menuitem
    (what to put here, to                (what to put here, so             here I know it's feature_last
    make sure this is last              this is last in column?)
    in column?)

    the problem now is, it will show for example 4 items in first column, which is too many, I want to make it a 3x3 grid in columns of 3 items, 3 rows.  I didn't see a </p> or similar in your example, so wanted to know how to make it know which one should be at bottom of column 1 and column 2, so that I get 3 items in column 3, instead of 4 items in column 1.

    I'm using this standard format from the demo.xml, to create the "Features" megamenu page, for each content item:

    [feature title="Slider with added manually or generated icons" image=""]
    Slider with illustrations and text to which you can add your own icons or generate them automatically


  • so i guess the main question is, how exactly does the feature_last tag work, to help organize layout of items in grid, in features megamenu and elsewhere?
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  • can you show me demo for mega menu
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  • Just curious here, i can only have 5 megamenu-items in my homepage but in the megamenulist in admin 6 items... Max 5 items? How can i increase the numbers of maxitems?

    NEver mind, saw the update history sorry! :)
  • Hello, i bought Doover theme and i'm trying to set a MegaMenu with icons and links.
    I put the [features] shortcodes as in your demo theme and created a menu with a 3x3 grid.
    It's all ok but i would like to put a link in the icon or in the title of the different [feature] items.
    Is it possible?

  • Unfortunately the site is being developed in a development area not accessible from the internet, however concerning the megamenu, as for now i only have one menu item populated with the example code you provided, and i'd like an example where i can have a link assigned to the icon and the title of the various menu sub-items (appearing thanks to the [feature] shortcodes list)
    the link would point to another wordpress page, or to an external page.
    I was able to put a link in the textual content of the sub-items by surrounding the text with a normal html link tag, but i am uncapable to alter the icon and the title code because they are converted in html via the shortcodes you provided.

  • Hello! Ok it's simple to make menu with icons and every graphycs, but how i make menu with submenus like here in portfolio and shorcodes? 
  • Sorry it's doesn't help. I hope you anderstand the question. I mean this one. Submenues when you a:hover the megamenu item.. You have a black background and width ~200px . i have a white one and width ~800px, and there is no way to change it.

    Here is my website

    P.S i don't want to upload an XML since my web site is one step before to be finished

  • hi:
    i want to create sub menu from the mega menu. For example: I have products tab and under that i want to add 
    more menu.

    How can i do that in your mega menu?

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