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Mobile Phone Number and Mobile Menu Not Working Properly
  • In my website, when its under mobile the phone number disappears and I need it to show on mobile.

    Second, in mobile, if i were to choose a page on my website after it loads the menu automatically is set to the "home" even if its my "what we do" page and that creates a 2 problems. First its not showing what page you're on and second when you DO try to choose to go to the "home" in the mobile menu to go to the index page it does nothing because it thinks its already at "home".

    The "home" button is a static link to my website "" so it should go to my home page.

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  • I didn't ask if it was working as it should be or not. I just told you a problem and as a support forum for something that was paid for I am waiting for a fix. That is obviously a bug or something because even if it didn't have an active option you should still be able to click home and go SOMEWHERE. Not just do what it currently does... NOTHING. What happend to SEO Ready? User interactivity and navigation is also part of SEO... So obviously there has to be a hotfix or an upgrade to this template.
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  • the problem is that normally someone doesn't check every little thing out. The menu should be able to go HOME if you click home. If not then what will happen when a customer or client wants to go to your homepage and then they can't? They leave and you lost a customer. It's not my fault that the majority of the websites that bought your template aren't completed. If they were you would have a lot more of this here... It's obvious that you need to fix it just like you did before:

    Version 2.1.3 - April 25, 2013

    * Fixed: Offer Slider - thumbnails upload

    - functions.php
    - style.css
    - functions/js/upload-button.js

    Version 2.1.2

    * Added: Social Icons - LinkedIn, Pinterest, Dribbble
    * Added: Social Icons - target="_blank" attribute
    * Added: Widgets - do_shortcode filter
    * Updated: Theme Options - buttons sizes in WordPress 3.5
    * Fixed: some WordPress 3.5 fixes

    Version 2.1.1

    * Added: Widget Dropdown Menu - styles added [main.css]
    * Updated: Shortcode button - target="_blank" attribute [shortcodes.php]
    * Updated: Shortcode homepage_feature: "read more" link won't show if attribute
    "link_href" not specified [shortcodes.php]
    * Fixed: Mega Menu - you can add more than 5 menu items [theme-menu.php]
    * Fixed: Sliders - problem with disable auto advance
    [theme-head.php, custom-offer.js, custom-photos.js]

    Version 2.1.0

    * Added: Offer Slider and Photo Slider - YouTube and Vimeo embed videos support,
    easy to change timeout and speed for sliders
    * Updated: Doover Menu Widget - if there is no children, show siblings
    * Fixed: Images align options

    Version 2.0.1

    * Fixed: Theme width when using disabled responsive on mobiles

    Version 2.0.0

    * Added: Responsive - you can enable/disable it by using theme options
    * Added: Mega Menu

    Version 1.1.3

    * Added: Offer slider - the option to easy change the "Our offer:" text
    * Added: Header - the option to show/hide RSS icon
    * Added: Subpages header - the option to show/hide the page title and the breadcrumbs
    * Added: Homepage <p></p> default margin-bottom
    * Added: Fancybox video support, example:
    <a class="iframe" href="">Text link</a>
    * Fixed: Dark blue button - text color

    Version 1.1.2

    * Fixed: Problem with slider when using Homepage Sidebar Template

    Version 1.1.1

    * Fixed: Problems with page title in All in One SEO Plugin
    * Fixed: Subpage H1 font-size
    * Fixed: Header background - overlay removed when using custom header color

    Version 1.1.0

    * Added Google Fonts support and typography options like color, font-size,
    font-weight, font-style
    * Added Colour pickers for backgrounds
    * Added 2 new Homepage Templates with sidebars
    * Added new shortcode: [vimeo]
    * Fixed Contact form error when no Google Maps position set
    * Fixed Logo position
    * Fixed Theme Options translations
    * Fixed Blog image size

    Version 1.0.0

    * first release


    well thats what you should be doing for this...

    So please do your job and update the website template...

    or I could just call my bank and get my money back and then get in contact
    with themeforest and let them know that you don't want to do your JOB. Then Go to copyscape and find ALL the people with your template and mention their menu doesn't work in mobile.. Im sure youll get a flood of people wanting a fix...

    So how about just fix the menu?
  • What changes are made for what customer separately... its a bug in is in the menu.. How come it's not working properly... THATS ALL IM SAYING....

    See this website:

    Mobile menu works... it has "active" working.... Why is it that you can't tell me why mine is not when all I did was get your template and install it on my WP?

    My menu doesn't work the same as theirs....

    Why do you insist on giving a paying customer a hard time?

    Im not telling you to customize my whole website or anything... All i want is for my menu to work just like that website on mobile..

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  • Yeah I figured that out as soon as i posted that comment...

    basically that Mega Menu sucks for mobile... not SEO friendly.

    a person would most likely go to the menu and try it a few times and if it doesn't work they would just most likely leave... So even though the logo goes home, its not a valid workaround....

    and by the way, just because you can cook, doesn't mean you're a chef.... just like most designers you underestimate the importance of SEO and misunderstand it.

    SEO is not just "properly written code in accordance to web browsers, tags like h1, h2, etc..."

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  • image

    You just keep compartmentalizing SEO but its still SEO...

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