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Fancy Heading above a Portfolio?????
  • Is it possible to add a Fancy Heading above a Portfolio in the Muffin Builder? I want to say something about the photos I am posting above them and its not showing up when I hit update. Can you please help? Thanks for all your help so far btw!!!
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  • Below is the link to the page I am referring to. However I seem to have a new problem now. When I go under "About Us" then to "Events", and then to Mullica Hill Expansion Grand Opening it takes me to a page that has both categories on it instead of just the Mullica Hill one. I have Mullica Hill Category selected in Categories on the page, so not sure why it shows both categories. There's only 4 images for the Mullica Hill one....but it takes it to the page that shows both categories. How can I fix this?

  • So when you go under "About Us" then to "Events", and then to Mullica Hill Expansion Grand Opening it takes you to a page that shows you only 4 images? Because when I do it takes me to a page that has all the photos on it. I wish I could attach a screen shot. However when you click on Mullica Hill in the "Select Category" then it takes you to just the 4. I need it to take you to just the 4 when you drop down from About Us. How can I do that because the client is requesting this. Thanks!
  • I am not talking about when you are already on the events page and click categories ...I am referring to when you when you go under "About Us" on top nav bar, and then to "Events", and then to Mullica Hill Expansion Grand Opening takes you to a page that shows you all images? I need it to take you directly to a page that goes to just 4. It really is confusing when it takes you tall all the images. I hope this helps because I really don't know how else to explain it. Thanks for your help because the client is complaining. I appreciate it!!!
  • Its still not working correctly. Please click on link below and let me know...

    If you go to About Us, then drop down to Events, then drop down to Charleston Grand Opening...the first 4 images on that page are for Mullica Hill. And when you drop down to Mullica Hill under Events it takes you to a page that has both Mullica Hill and Charleston shots on it. The Portfolio images are separated by category but it still shows both sets for both locations. Don't want that. Just the one location I have selected. How do I fix this? Thank you!

  • Finally figured it out. Wasn't very intuitive. But now that I have created the menu its pretty easy. Maybe need to explain it better in the dashboard. Or in your Live Preview show how to actually create a menu with pages/categories/portfolio categories. Thanks!