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Menu & logo not showing equal on pc and iphone
  • Hi. Loving the theme. Just the option for creating a custom header a bit limited. 

    So I decided to choose 'only menu'. On home I'll put my own design straight under with a Muffin section 'Image'. It means no logo for other pages, but that's fine. And it works perfect on pc and iPad horizontal. 

    But on iPad vertical and iPhone (both directions) the standard 'The Falco' logo keeps showing. 

    I already replaced it with a single pixel image, but the logo space has fixed height. And the result is that one third of the iphone screen gets taken over by:
    1) social row (in which I only have 3 icons, so a whole row seems like too much)
    2) Menu, which seems to also have its own row, that's definitely too much!
    3) Logo box, which I would like to not show -> as you would expect when you choose 'Only menu' in the layout options. 

    Tried all options and checking the forum, but no answer so far. Please help :)

    PS: I can add a link to the website, but it's in Coming Soon mode until this is fixed. 

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  • Could you point me to a demo that uses the 'menu only' option? The demo i found online uses 'menu on top'. I did check out the showcase and has the same problem. They've put a rather big 'Home' image there. But that's not really a solution.