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iPad/iPhone errors
  • as discussed, here the screenshots and video links, please download/watch video immediately that I can delete it from my channel, THX!

    2) iPad choppy feel horizontal (slider) and vertical (interesting: iPhone excellent)

    4) iPhone logo overlap (same in landscape)

    please no custom CSS, should be fixed in an update

    5) iPad text/icon overlap

    please no custom CSS, should be fixed in an update

    6) iPad menu-logo overlap

    please no custom CSS, should be fixed in an update, menu should go in icon mode when too long

    7) iPad portfolio failure, touching on portfolio items only displays grey overlay on image no link forwarding, pls check on FALCO example home and portfolio page

    please fix, important, 

    interesting: portfolio is working on iPhone, at least when you touch text (title), not the image!!! (is this a setting, my fault??!), 

    iPhone is in general faster and (vertically) not choppy AT ALL, so something is wrong here  - the iPad experience sucks, sorry


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  • 2) I'm pulling back that the horizontal swiping in the sliders is choppy. Well not completely, but what I can tell you is that my slider I implemented in other webpages is behaving the same in your theme as the Revolution Slider. So it is obviously not a slider problem, that's the good news, maybe it is only a small bug in the code. Please advice! Please also to the other topics I have a deadline :( sorry!

  • 2) got it ;)

    4-6) got it, we will change the logo file to work around, pls no custom CSS

    7) I think this is a misunderstanding
    the links on the portfolio items (image, text, link to other webpage) on home page AND portfolio page are not working on an iPad, you can't get to the portfolio items page itself. On iPhone and desktop the links are working fine, not on iPad.
    Please advise and don't feel insulted. We try to make a great theme you started here working for our clients.
    We can work around design stuff like above (and hope the customer accepts the blinking and slider feel) but functionality like links simply have to work also on an iPad.



  • 1) Portfolio in a section:
    Desktop: There is a link on image 1)zoom or 2)link go to Portfolio Item with a grey overlay on clicking
    iPhone: no grey overlay, go to link working at title, not on image (would be nice to have the link there as well), goto link working on bottom of portfolio item
    iPad: grey overlay, no forwarding on image, title, text, link on bottom not working as well, check video

    2) Portfolio overview page:
    same as Portfolio in a section
    in addition iPad gives grey overlay on portfolio items which are not touched, check video

    3) Portfolio item page
    again, given functionality on desktop and iPhone (same way as mentioned above)
    iPad: you cannot access portfolio item through describes issues of 1) and 2)
  • Just figured: You can open with touch and hold function on iPad (open / open in New Tab / Add to Reading Lest / Copy). So the link is there the error is in the touch function how to work on touch: It triggers the grey overlay (which is not necessary) but no redirecting. The entire Portfolio should just work as simple as on the iPhone.

  • Thanks, I appreciate your effort:
    Links to the single portfolio item page on portfolio image touch & title touch would be sufficient. Both, from a page where "portfolio in a section" is incorporated and the portfolio overview page.

    There is not reason to change the desktop version, that works great.

    THX, again.

  • Guys, please check again: on the iPhone it is working perfectly, no hover and link is working on touch on title, just make it according to the simple iPhone solution, please.

  • OK, check other of your themes, the link on the images are working fine on desktop/iPhone and iPad:
    Rocco, 2 tabs (first shows overlay, second goes to link), Brandon 1 tab, great! Falco: one tab on portfolio image -> gray overlay and nothing after that....

    I would switch to another theme, but I am almost done, love the Falco Design and spend the money. Maybe you can have another look what is going on, because the title link is working, just the image has a dead end .....

    THANKS :)))

  • Please provide procedure for forwarding only if click/tab on

    1) image -> to portfolio item page
    2) title -> to portfolio item page
    3) link -> to appropriate link (isn't working either as portfolio in a section)

    That's all we can do for now.