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Vimeo videos standard aspect ratio doesn't fit
  • Hi,

    When embedding vimeo videos on the "portfolio item" page, using the Vimeo ID field, the embedded video is shown incorrect. What I mean is, that the standard 16:9 aspect ratio of the Video isn't supported by the theme. The theme embeds the video a little less widescreen, so the video will be letterboxed (black gapes bottom and top). This is really frustrating :(. (see screenshot 1)

    Can you please tell me what to put in the custom css, OR do I have to alter the php-code? There must be somewhere a place where the dimensions of an embedded video are set up.

    A little improvemend to you theme could be: There should be given a chance to put in a Full "iframe" embed code of the video. At the moment it is not possible to do so. But what if I want to NOT show the Portrait, Title, Byline and no follow up videos? Leaving the Vimeo ID field blank and pasting the iframe-code in the wysiwyg-editor doesn't work either, because then the video is shown correct and everything is good BUT then there is displayed the gallery main image above the video. Makes no sense to me :(. (see screenshot 2)

    Thank you!

    screenshot 1:

    screenshot 2:

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  • do you need a wordpress login to my site?

    960x540 would be fine. its 16:9 aspect ratio.
    I'm playing with the idea to get rid of the project details table and have the video centered.

    I highly recommend you updating the portfolio features in an upcoming theme-update. At the moment its very unhandy and not flexible.
    For example: you not even be able to use a different picture at the portfolio single item page, because the gallery-pic is shown. You can't deactivate the project details div. Next thing (we talked about) you can't embed videos with the ID-field because the embeded video container doesn't fit the standard aspect ratio of all videos: 16:9. Next thing: By klicking of a thumbnail at the portfolio grid: It would be soooo nice if you could embed a video link there and let the video (or picture) open in a lightbox popup => Often you want to show just a video - so you don't need a separate single project page with tons of text and so on.
    Also what I'm missing: If you go to one of the projects, there should be "follow up" projects at the bottom. I mean projects from the same category. Shown with very small thumbnails.
    To get the right idea what I'm talking about, you should observate a theme of one of your competitors.
    If you ask me why I don't use this theme: They have better portfolio functions but muffin group makes more adorable design :). Design wins! ;)

    Also you could watch this plugin. Tons of features, very handy.

    No offence.

  • I do understand. No problemo.