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I want to insert feature boxes in between paragraphs of content?
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  • I want to be able to insert feature boxes so they appear in between two separate paragraphs written in my content?... I'm not sure how to do this as the content builder only allows you to add the content bar once per page... is there a way to insert some code in the form of html... so that the feature boxes I've added with the content builder appear in between two paragraphs written in the content ....

    In the screen shot you can see the empty space, where I want the feature boxes too appear.... 

    Thank you
  • I am not 100% sure exactly of your request, but what I may suggest, is to copy the full html code for it and then utilize that within what you want. So with an actual feature box displaying, via the source coding and copy and paste. Make the appropriate adjustments.

    I did this to place a price box within my sidebar. Hope that helps...
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  • Yes I was thinking that too... but I have no idea what the source coding for the feature box is... It does not say... there is no shortcode for a feature box...  I don't know the html of the feature box to be able to implement it within the content.... and it doesn't say on the kora live demo or in the manual.....
  • I extracted the html for the feature boxes from the source code... and I tried to paste it, where I want it to appear within the content. This resulted in duplicate copies of the feature boxes... this happens regardless of whether the content builder is turned on or off
  • I can understand that I might be annoying you with all my questions, but I think my question is reasonable enough... I want the feature boxes too appear within two paragraphs of my content... I don't think it's asking much... I haven't had much experience with wordpress... and I do appreciate the support.
  • I've tried looking for a short code for the feature boxes, but I can't seem to find one... 
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  • but I'm only allowed to add the content box once with the content builder
  • I can insert columns within the content through shortcodes... but I can't find any shortcode to insert featured boxes directly into the content
  • I can only choose too show content using with the content builder turned on... once per page
  • oK SORRY that worked... but it removes all the formatting for the content that I using the content builder... when I add the content just using column with the content builder... it doesn't appear formatted and structured... i.e no spaces even though I have entered it with spaces...
  • is there no way to incorporate the featured boxes in the actual content box without using the content builder... it would make life a lot easier
  • Ok sorry I figured it out.... thank you for your help
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  • Sorry new problem... Ok I managed to successfully add the featured boxes in between... now I have the new problem of the featured boxes and the column underneath not aligning correctly with the content... I have turned the horizontal padding for the content off in the content builder... is there a way to customize both the featured boxes and the column to align with the content box... I haven't any custom html for the content... I just merely turned the horizontal padding off within the content builder... if you can help it would be much appreciated thank you.
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  • it didn't work at all.... I tried ... I added < > either side... it just doesn't have any effect... is there some kind of custom css i can add into custom css field to move the column 1 content too the left more
  • in the content builder... I have turned "inner horizontal padding" off... this is what makes it align where I want it too... to the far left...

    I've tried playing around adding < margin-left : xxpx > at all different measurements... and it doesn't seem to have an effect... I don't get it.. i'm sure what i want to do must be possible because it's pretty simple...
  • is there a code to turn off inner horizontal padding for everything
  • ok i had to add it like <p style="margin-left: -20px"> it worked 

  • the code <p style ="margin-left: -20px"> works but only for text it doesn't move the box to the left... I tried <div style ="margin-left: -20px". but then for some reason this moves the sidebar also... I have no idea why this is it...... could you please help?
  • if I delete the line <div class="inner-padding"> it seems to fix the problem... is there a code I can type in that will turn the inner padding for "column one" off completely as you can see I've tried adding my own code but it's not working
  • <div class="inner-padding"> I need to remove this or somehow turn it off 
  • Ok I managed to fix my problem by adding this <div style ="margin-left: -15px"><div style ="margin-right: -15px" (content) </div>

    Is there not a cleaner way of doing this... like just being able to remove or disable the <div class="inner-padding">  code... in the content builder... for the box named " content" if you right click options you have the choice of removing the inner horizontal padding and bottom margin... but the column in the content builder doesn't have this feature for some reason...
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