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Some thumbnail images are not appearing in media library
  • Some thumbnail images are not appearing in media library. When I click to edit the image, it then appears. But, the thumbnail does not appear and I cannot use that image in any new elements that I want to create. We haven't had any images disappear from our live site, just the media library and any new elements. I verified via FTP that the images ARE in the database, but they've disappeared within the admin panel. Have you guys heard of this problem before and, if so, do you know of a fix for it? I ran across something regarding hot-linking permissions for certain folders, but that doesn't sound like it to me. Thanks!

    P.S. - We just updated to WordPress 3.8 and the most current version of Kora.
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  • I don't see the Revslider folder within the package. There IS a revolution-slider-demo folder, however the only files included inside are "blog", "image", "slider1", and "video". (These 4 files are zip files) There is no uploads folder or even a slider1.txt file. It seems that, for whatever reason, I'm missing some files. Hmmmm....

    P.S. - I took a shot and attempted to zip the rev slider demo folder and upload it, hoping to get lucky. This is the message that I received...

     "Update Error: The update folder don't match the product folder, please check the update file. Please update the plugin manually via the ftp."
  • Sorry, don't mean to spam your forum. Just wanted to let you know that I was able to update the rev slider version, but am still having the same problem with the media library thumbnails. For whatever reason, some (NOT ALL) of the thumbnails are appearing as a little dot, almost like they've disappeared. And when I "inspect element" in chrome, it says that the img width and height are both "1", like so...

    <img width="1" height="1" src="" class="attachment-80x60" alt="comtrac">

  • The images are all in the database. Just to be sure, one of the first things that I did was verify that the images were there via FTP. It seems that IT IS a problem with WP 3.8. I was on and there are others that are having the same problem as well. I included a few posts below from someone who seems like might have found out what the problem is, and perhaps a solution. I will be on the phone with my host to see if I can get this fixed. I just wanted to pass this along since I'm sure you're going to get asked about this again. I will keep you posted on my progress." Thanks!

    P.S. - I would hate to have to do everything via FTP! That would really suck...

    Images will NOT post in 3.8 WRITING size as 1px by 1px (32 posts)

    1. jefferisp7
      Posted 1 week ago #

      Hi, I think I found a solution. Removing WP-SuperCache and following this procedure allowed me to bulk upload images and retain their size data.

      Dear User,

      WP Super Cache was removed from your blog but the mod_rewrite rules
      in your .htaccess were not.

      Please edit the following file and remove the code
      between 'BEGIN WPSuperCache' and 'END WPSuperCache'. Please backup the file first!


      WP Super Cache Plugin

      I had to manually uninstall SuperCache via FTP after changing temporarily the folder to 777. It appears something in super cache is interfering with the uploads.
      I believe this was installed automatically by my host when installing the WP for this site. Pair does not use cPanel but SIM installer. Apparently the code for these host install programs may be causing trouble with 3.8?

    2. jefferisp7
      Posted 5 days ago #

      UPDATE: it appears these problems are all related to the ownership and permission issue of WordPress installs of plugins and themes. Apparently, when uses SIM, it installs WordPress with ownership as Nobody, standard for Apache servers. But when you then use WordPress to install plugins, it writes the ownership as nobody, so images and plugins are creating folders without proper permissions.

      This isn't a problem I guess if you do everything via ftp as the owner. But it makes working within WP problematic and does not save you time.

  • I think I've got it fixed. If anyone else has this same problem, the very first thing they should do is to contact their host and have them "fixperms"....which of course will fix the file permissions on the server. After that, they should be able to begin adding images to the gallery like normal. However, the images that were lost WILL NOT be able to be recovered or used anymore. At the very least, they will have to upload these images for a 2nd time. It's a pain but at least they will be able to function and make changes to their site again. I will keep you posted if I run into anything else. Thanks!