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Sticky Header and Top Bar
  • Hello muffin team,

    have three short questions:

    1. how can i set up sticky header without the top bar? I think with top bar it takes too much place, especially on small screens.

    2. i have boxed layout and would like to have the sticky header also boxed. I tried with this css code (margin-left: 452px; max-width: 1000px;) and it works in some way but in spite of this there is a transparent border which overlaps the boxed layout.

    Here is an good example how i would like to have my sticky header:

    3. how can i turn off the sticky header only for blog posts?

    this is my website:


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  • ok, cool, thanks! the topbar is removed and now there is enough place.

    just one issue:

    the top bar now flights from the left side (bauce of formatting it with
    (margin-left: 452px; max-width: 1000px;) and this looks not very nice because it is interrupted.

    how can i avoid this flight in from left or to format the header that the flight comes from top or isn´t interrupted?

  • i have just noticed that this css (margin-left: 452px; max-width: 1000px;) only works for my resolution and not for mobile...the transparent border which overlaps the boxed layoud is not a big problem, but with too much white on scrolling it is not very nice.

    is there a possibility to fix it always in the middle and without to set up max-with and margin for all devices?

    is it also possible to turn the sticky head off for all mobile (not tablets) devices when mobile menu appears, because if the sticky header is cutted through the menu springs to the right side and the content isn´t fixed.
  • ok, now it works, but only with the white sticky header over the whole screen.

    i would like to have it like on the first sreenshot:


    but when i set up this code (margin-left: 452px; max-width: 1000px;) it of course works only for my resolution and on other screens you can see a sticky header like this:


    or on the right side on mobile devices which makes all sites scollable to the right side but note fixed :)


    how is it possible to reach the first solution with boxed sticky header for all resolutions?
  • ok, thanks. i think it is not the right solution to consider all the resolutions because there are too much. is there another possibility to fix the white space of the sticky header in the middle only in accordance to the boxed layout?