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WooCommerce Set-Up
  • Hi Folks,

    I'm trying to organize my woo commerce store on my website so that it really only includes what is needed rather than having a whole mess of confusing links, making users unsure of which step they need to take next in order to complete their purchase.

    Check out my site: > Click on E-Store > Have a look at the functionality. I have screwed something up where the site doesn't fully function / carry out the check out process correctly. Can someone help me set it up or indicate what might be missing from it at this point?

    Thanks guys!
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  • I'm able to retrieve the said link without any problem: click here to try

    It doesn't make a whole lot of sense since these aren't remote web files only found on my computer. I have other folks in our office test it and retrieve the website without issue.
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  • Even still when I try accessing it, I'm able to retrieve the site in all browsers. I was originally viewing in Safari, but that still isn't the issue. I'm also able to get it on my mobile device. This would probably mean that it isn't a hosting problem right?
  • I have sent you folks access via a PM regarding another post that I made, perhaps if you access and view site that way, you may be able to help me with this topic.
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  • If you go to, try and make a purchase. The functionality works as far as adding an item to the cart, but when I proceed to check out it seems as if it drops off in functionality. In other words, when you click "checkout" for the item that is in your cart, it reverts you back to the product page rather than continuing further to making payment and filling out information...
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  • Ok, but if I reinstall the plugin, will I lose all of the products that I've uploaded since? I have a lot of things added into the woocommerce I believe, I really want to avoid have to enter it all back in - please advise
  • I have also noticed on your demo that all of your store pages are function under 1 button on your main navigation - this is essentially what I am trying to do. When I first installed the plugin, there were many options / buttons added into my navigation. 
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  • I'll read further into what you provided also, but based on the mis-linked up pages now, is there a simple adjustment I can make to fix this without have to re-install and back-up all of my current products that I've created?
  • I clicked through to the link provided and have already established that in the site (that's how the problem with the WooCommerce links evolved in my navigation). If you hover over "E-Store" when you visit, you'll see my custom navigation. I never deleted any pages from WooCommerce, so it must be a simple re-arrangement of pages to get it back working again. How did you folks do it when you created the Kora theme? That is essentially what I am looking to do - I want the navigation to display 1 shop button (which would be my "E-Store" button) and then the entire store is there an functional - does this make more sense?
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  • So you can't answer how it was implemented into the Kora theme? I'm not asking how WooCommerce works, I am asking how YOU folks incorporated it into your theme so that I can climb my way to the solution myself.

    As I mentioned above, I noticed how you folks have a single button for the shop section of your theme. You must know how you added it within your navigation, and should in fact be able to look it up as it is already established right?
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  • I already explained that I knew how this works, and I've wasted my time reading 2 of your paragraphs of text that only indicated to me that you tried explaining the link already. Not helpful.

    Also, WooCommerce does not provide support unless I buy a product (which I thought was almost the same thing since I purchased this theme using WooCommerce). In terms of the drag and drop navigation, I understand that part. My question lies within the pages that are needed to display a functional WooCommerce store. If you were to log into the backend of my website you'll see what I am trying to do, however, with it set-up the way that I currently have it, some parts of my published store do not work like the checkout process for example. To elaborate on this... Follow these step by steps below:

    1. Go to
    2. Add any item to the cart
    3. Proceed to "checkout" by clicking a "checkout" button
    4. Note that the process ends there and just re-loads the page that you are currently on

    That is my problem and I have not found support on this issue using WooCommerce.
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  • Though you may not be able to view my site, I managed to figure out the solution for this WooCommerce issue that I was having. The functionality was disconnected because under "WooCommerce" > "Settings" > "Pages" I had linked all of the pages to the titled page "E-Store." I did this thinking that I could reduce the number of button / items within my main navigation. Doing this caused the broken link to complete transactions within my store.

    The fix to this and to also accomplish my goal of simplifying my navigation bar, was linking each item under the WooCommerce "Pages" back to it's own page and then altered my navigation in the my "Appearance" > "Menus" section. I was quick to think that the solution was right in front of me when I was setting up my store originally, thus creating the problem without first trying it the proper way.

    Luckily I did not have to mess with my products or the loss of any previous info that I had added into my store. If I need to elaborate for clarity let me know as I hope this post can prove to be useful for all.
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