Forum has been created to help all our customers in properly working our theme. We offer complete help with configuration theme and make default look, just like on our Limuso demo. We don`t offer theme customization.

Before creating a new discussion, please:
1. Check on forum if discussion hasn`t been created before. Use the forum Search on the right.
2. Read carefully the documentation included to package.
If you didn`t find what you need and would like to post a new question click the "Start a New Discussion" button on the right.
4. You can post on forum only after registration (you need purchase code to register) .

NOTE!!! If you are starting a new topic and have got problems with your site and you want us to check what`s wrong please always give url to your site because without that we can`t check what`s wrong. Each case may be different because of your installed plugins, servers or other things.

First steps after install & XML upload
  • If you want to get exactly the same site as our demo, after install and upload XML file please go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays and set up Home as Front page.

    Also please go to Appearance > Menus and set up Main Menu as Main Menu is first box "Theme locations".

    After these 2 easy steps you`ll get exactly the same site as our demo.

    How to set up footer section just like on demo?

    If you want to create footer just like on demo, please read these few easy steps below.

    At first please go to Appearance > Widgets and drag & drop "Text" widget into Footer area #1. Then please expand this widget and paste below code into second field (About us):

    <h6><strong>We really love working for you and your customers</strong></h6>
    <p>We are Muffin Group and we do awesome themes. We do what we love and this is the best in our life</p>
    <a style="float:right;" href="#">View more</a>

    In second step please drag & drop "Muffin Fun Fact" widget into Footer area #2. Type "We're working for you" in "Title" area, "12" for "Number" field, "years" for "Note text to the number" and "Nullam wisi ultricies a, gravida vitae, dapibus ultricies a, gravida vitae." for "Text" field.

    For Footer area #3 please drag & drop "Muffin Quick Facts" widget. Below you have full list of text that we pasted for this section:

    Title - Quick facts about us


    [fact title="drank gallons of coffee" value="469"]
    [fact title="sleepless nights" value="247"]
    [fact title="answers to questions" value="1128"]
    [fact title="happy customers" value="5421"]

    For Footer area #4 please drag & drop "Muffin Contact Box" widget. Below you have full list of text that we pasted for this section:

    Title - Get in touch

    Image - Link to your image with http://

    Telephone - 3 8376 6284

    E-mail - [email protected]


    2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
    Victoria 3000 Australia

    Contact page link - Link to your contact page with http://

    Contact page link title - Contact us

    That`s it. After these 4 easy steps you will get exactly the same footer as on our demo page.

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  • Good day 

    I am having trouble creating the gallery, instead of appearing the picture it appears the home site.