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No Content Builder For POSTS (Homepage)
  • I am wanting to add the awesome short-codes available for this theme on my posts, such as article box, divider, etc.

    My homepage is set to show a single static post for my homepage but there is no way for me to use the content builder for posts on this homepage post.

    Any suggestions on how to add this. I feel like it is nearly impossible to edit my homepage...  big turn off for me. Or is it possible to set my homepage full width version to pull a PAGE for homepage instead of posts?


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  • Oh and it doesnt show all of my content, i dont want the "..." i disbled read more, I just want to be able to edit this homepage post as i would any ordinary "PAGE" in WP CMS.
  • Gotcha, well im going to solve this as i need the content builder on my homepage.... its a very important part of my site...... HERE is what i have discovered so far, if anyone feels like doing some PHP editing and possibly java, not sure what is missing but here we go!

    When i view page source in wp-admin, i get this HTML output for pages (also called meta-post.php)
    **(Ignore XXXX's as they are value id's for nonce, and show letters/numbers)

    <div id="mfn-wrapper">
    <input type="hidden" value="XXXXXXXX" name="mfn_page_meta_nonce"></input>
    <div id="mfn-builder" style="display: none;"> … </div>

    Here it is in PAGE edit, which is what i want for the post. (meta-page.php)

    <div id="mfn-wrapper">
    <input type="hidden" value="XXXXXXXXX" name="mfn_page_meta_nonce"></input>
    <div id="mfn-builder">

    I got the builder content to show up when editing post, but only or a split second it appears and then disappears. Anyone wanna take a crack at this? I think the BOLDED is what i need to get rid of..... is it java maybe? css? css of the java?
  • EGGHH.... not enough time for me to figure this one out.... maybe later.

    SOLUTION 1: Try adding a PAGE and use it as a HOMEPAGE in your theme.

    Type url path to... /home.

     GO to APPEARENCE > THEMEs > and select CUSTOMIZE.

    Select STATIC pages and choose your page to be set as homepage.

  • Well i was trying to add the meta page php which shows the content builder to the post page. I was editing a bit of PHP but not much success on this one :( I got it configured enough to use though, thanks and terrific theme might I add!
  • is my new theme update but I have to change 300+ pages which is a bit tough on time