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  • Hi Guys,

    first of all, thanx for this great template, we love it! Especially to work with backend makes a lot of fun! 
    There is one thing i hope you can help me:
    We love this Protfolo feature, where you can create categories and then add elements with pictures to it, and then look hov jquery hides and moves it is very cool. The problem is, that we do not need those portfolio pages when clicking on a portfolio element. we would like to use it just as a gallery, which means. filtering photos by the categories, as now supported, but on clicking the picture, a big version of photo should be shown, just as with image shortcut. Is ths possible to realize without big effort ?

    Best Regards, Edin

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  • Hello, yes exactly that! 
  • and the second thing is, i would like to write sth else in the url instead of 'portfolio-types'
  • Thnx! It worked! Is it also possible to easily replace the "+" when mouseover with the eye, as seen on images with zoom image ?

    Ok, we will then let portfolo-types, but it is suboptimal from the seo point of view for us. Perhaps in the future you could give the option in the template settings to give custom name for it, because there are probably more use cases for this feature then just for use it as a portfolio. 

  • Perfect it worked! Is it possible easily to remove the pages created for the portfolio items? I dont know if there are still links to that page but the links created in backend are still working. or at least, just to remove the rest of the page excepting the picture, header and footer ? 

    another thing what i dislike is, when items from a portfolio category are two or more different portfolio pages and jquery portfolio function is on, by choosing the category you see only the items from actual page. by switching jquery function, all items of that category are shown. Is there a workaround for this ? jquery switching looks cool, but its confusing if you choose a category showning i.e. 3 items, but none or less than 3 are shown, because the rest is on other pages.
  • sorry for my bad english, i will try to explain it better :)

    when you create a portfolio item, it is shown on portfolio page and at the same time, a single portfolio-item page will be created. normally this is ok, because when you click on an item on main portfolio page, the portfolio-item page will be shown. But now with the changes above, by clicking on an item on portfolio main page, the fancy box of portfolio item is shown. so there is no link and no use for the portfolio-item single page (the page with picture, client etc.), so i would like to delete this single item page, without deleting the item picture on the main portfolio page. or at least, remove all elements of the portfolio item single page except the picture. i hope you understand me now better :)

    well i dont want to show all items on one page, by having 90 pictures on a page, it gets too slow. i would like to let it with 12 per page. but when i click on a category that have images on different pages, i want to see them all. this works when jquery filtering in theme/getting started/portfolio is disabled. is it easy possible to make it also work with jquery filtering ?  
  • In reference to changing the icon shown when hovering over a portfolio item from "+" to an open eye. Is there a way to change it into an info icon ("i")?
  • Nevermind, found out that you were using fontawesome and fixed it a minute after asking the question.