Forum has been created to help all our customers in properly working our theme. We offer complete help with configuration theme and make default look, just like on our Nollie demo. We don`t offer theme customization.

Before creating a new discussion, please:
1. Check on forum if discussion hasn`t been created before. Use the forum Search on the right.
2. Read carefully the documentation included to package.
If you didn`t find what you need and would like to post a new question click the "Start a New Discussion" button on the right.
4. You can post on forum only after registration (you need purchase code to register) .

NOTE!!! If you are starting a new topic and have got problems with your site and you want us to check what`s wrong please always give url to your site because without that we can`t check what`s wrong. Each case may be different because of your installed plugins, servers or other things.

First steps after install & XML upload
  • If you want to get exactly the same site as our demo, after install and upload XML file please go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays and set up Home as Front page.

    Also please go to Appearance > Menus and set up Main Menu as Main Menu is first box "Theme locations".

    After these 2 easy steps you`ll get exactly the same site as our demo.

    How to set up footer section jus like on demo?

    Because some of you asked about how to create footer just like on demo, we would like to show you these few easy steps.

    At first please go to Appearance > Widgets and drag & drop "Text" widget into Footer area #1. Then please expand this widget and paste below code into second field (Title please leave empty):

    <p><a href="#"><img class="scale-with-grid" src="" alt=""></a></p><p>© 2013 <strong style="color:#fff;">Nollie Premium WordPress Theme</strong>. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>Powered by <a target="_blank" href="">WordPress</a><br>Created by <a target="_blank" href="">Muffin group</a></p>

    In second step please drag & drop "Muffin Recent Posts" widget into Footer area #2. Type "Latest posts" in "Title" area and type "2" for "Number of posts" field.

    In last step please drag & drop "Muffin Twitter" widget into Footer area #3. Type "Twitter" for "Title" area, Twitter Username - your twitter username and Number of tweets - 2.

    That`s it. After these 3 easy steps you will get exactly the same footer as on our demo page.

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  • Dear Muffingroup,

    Thank you for your documentation here and great support!

    The only other thing that is needed as First Steps After Install of the XML file is how to set up the Footer area like the demo.

    If you go to, you will see that my footer sections are VERTICAL and not side by side in 3 columns like the demo.  I went into the Options Panel - Footer and set it up as a 3-column and hit SAVE but that didn't change it.  Please let me know how to fix the Footer so it has three columns like the demo.

    Thank you!
  • Thank you Muffingroup!!!!
  • I need assistance with getting the home page set up exactly like yours.  Specifically, my Feature Boxes seem to be center aligned with the icon appearing on top of the text, but I like yours much better with the icon to the left of the text. I also have an issue with WAY too much white space between Feature Boxes. What should I be doing different to get the feature boxes to look like your demo?  Here is the URL of the website: - thank you!
  • Nevermind...I figured it out!  Have a great day and thank you for the wonderful theme!!!
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  • I have installed Nollie and uploaded the XMLstuff. I also did everything the exact way that video explains. But my poor site is still very different from the demo. I would like to install an exact copy of that demo and only after that start customizing it.

    But I'm kind of frustrated. I don't know how to set this "revolution slider" and my site is still very ugly.

    All I managed to do is this. Could somebody please show me a step-by-step approach?

    Eric Savanda

  • I'll never be able to set it up without your help. So I accept the suggestion.

    All right, I have deleted the test content. I think I had followed the right steps to set up the menus. How am I supposed to send you my access data? Of course I won't post my username and password as a comment here in this forum so that everyone could see them. Is there any private email address or ticket system for this kind of support?