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How to get and import XML file with demo content?
  • Before you can get xml file for theme you need to get purchase code for item and your nickname from Themeforest (please remember xml downloader form is case sensitive and if your nickname is for example: NickName then exactly the same one must be pasted into Themeforest username field). Your purchase code should be also pasted/copied without any empty spaces or anything like that. So the best way to do that is copy purchase code from "Downloads" section from your Themeforest user panel and paste into simple text editor (ex. notepad) and then check and copy into XML downloader. If you're wondering where you can get purchase code, image below will explain you everything:


    For download the XML file with demo content please at first go to page

    In next step please select a product for which you need xml file (in this case please choose Nollie). Also please paste your themeforest username and purchase code. After that just click "Download" and your file should start downloading.

    However if you are not able to get XML file from our xml downloader, then you can send us pm with question about xml file for your theme, using contact form on our profile's page (right bottom section). After that we`ll send you file with dummy content ASAP (usually it takes less than 24 hours).

    When you got this file on your computer you can import it into your wordpress (please import this file only after installation nollie theme). Below video will show you how to properly import this file.

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  • Hello muffingroup,

    I just bought your theme and I'm excited to get it set up and going.

    I followed your instructions about loading up the nollie.xml file but it has some problems.

    1. The menu runs vertically only and runs onto the rest of the theme.

    2. It opens to the default blog page and I can't get the demo looking Home page.  Is there something in the dashboard or theme options that I need to set the demo Home page as the default page?

    3. I saw another website - - that has the complete demo file loaded up.  How can I get my site or xml file to look like this one?

  • I think I got the demo files working OK and figured out how to change the Home page from the Blog to the Demo Home page.

    But, as you can see - - the top main menu is VERTICAL only -i.e., all of the links are UP to DOWN - and not in the side by side like the demo.

    How do I fix this?

    I love the theme by the way!

    Thank you! 
  • Thank you so much for the answer!