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Uploading custom logos not saving
  • Great theme and trying to upload a custom logo but is not saving. Is there a certain size it needs to be or can any size be used? Tried custom sizes, uploading smaller and bigger files and none will save. Eventually just had to save over the logo in the pindol images folder to get it to change.

    Any thoughts???
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  • Made no difference creating a new account. It is as if something else is overiding it after saving. Creating a new admin account is not fixing the problem, it is only creating a workaround. Other people must have had this problem before, it cant be unique to me.

    Does the theme prefer a certain browser?

    I'm not comfortable providing site login details as it is not a smart practice. If I pay for a product it should work properly and have bugs like this fixed.

    The theme also would not load after being installed, giving an updater php error on line 9 where I had to comment out the line in the updater file to allow me access to the dashboard.

    The theme itself is excellent bit i'm wondering what will not work next.
  • Further investigation reveals that nothing is saving from the Theme Options panel - with initial admin user and newly created user. Tried in multiple browsers. Permissions problem somewhere maybe???
  • I am also having the problem where the theme options are not saving. I'm using a fresh install on wordpress 3.5.1
  • I just bought this theme and I too cannot save anything in the theme options panel.
  • Have created new admin account and tried uploading images and it makes no difference, nothing saves in the options panel. When you click 'save' it goes back to the 'getting started' section of the options panel.

    Only way I can change the logo is by uploading via CPanel/ftp over the png file in themes/pindol/images folder.

    Prefer if you email me instructions what to do. As I stated above, I will not be sharing my admin & ftp details.
  • I'll send the info because I need to work on this website ASAP. However, please advise what the problem is so that If I ever have to reinstall this theme I won't have to contact you again..and again...
  • Within 14 minutes these guys had me up and running. Thanks!
  • Thanks guys, will take a look. Hopefully it sorts itself out cos its a great them :)
  • All working guys and thanks for your help. Excellent after sales support. Cheers!